British Talent

Marianne Taylor is a super talented British photographer who I got in touch with after my friend David recommended I featured her work…Now I couldn’t choose between these two fantastic engagement shoots, they are both so quintessentially British what with the London skyline, the London eye and a red phone box.

Love it! (Check out Marianne’s blog for more)

Credit: Marianne Taylor

Malaysian Bride

I love this Malaysian Bride’s tulle skirted,  flowy ‘n short dress!

Credit: Andy Chong

Get Trashed At The Fair

Hello, love it!  Lets all clicky here for more…

Credit: Sarah Maren Photography

A Bride In Black

Why not?  She looks especially dramatic as she’s teamed it with a white birdcage veil.  You know I love it.  He’s got some wicked Groom Style too!

Credit: Jen Slot Photography

Erica Berger

Holy Moly! I’ve just been browsing the San Francisco based Erica Berger’s Flickr and I am officially smitten. I urge you to check it out..these photographs quite simply rock.

Edit: I kept browsing and I found so many more I loved that I had to add them too!

Credit: Erica Berger

Hey, There’s More…

..from the neon sign graveyard!  Is this a new trend I’m missing?  Why are there no neon sign cemeteries in the UK? I feel totally out of the loop…

Edit:  I have managed to find out where these photographs were taken (although I did actually stumble across the info by accident but let’s gloss over that fact!)  They were taken in Las Vegas Boneyard. Hope this helps someone out..and If you do take some photographs there I demand to have exclusive rights to post them hehe!

Credit: Rowe Portrait Studio