Vintage War Time Shoot

I think it’s fair to say that our love of all things vintagey when it comes to wedding will never go away…whether it’s weddings, bridal shoots or trash the dress, vintage styling will always be glamorous, always be chic and always be popular.

So, with no desire to buck this trend (just because something is popular doesn’t mean it can’t be individual too) I’m excited to share this war time-esque photo shoot by South African photographer Kat Forsyth…(it took place at the Johannesburg Museum of Military History)

I’d love to know, what is it about vintage styling that you paricularly love?

Credit: Kat Forsyth Photography


I liked so many of these individual images that I had to share them, I am loving all the different photographic techniques here. Jessica always delivers such wonderful work! I particularly love the swimming pool and the shot of the Bridesmaids.

Thanks for the sharing Jessica, gorgeous as always!

Credit: Jessica Purvis

Flowers, Dresses & Vintage Processing

Claire & Jeff’s wedding probably had one of the most amazing floral displays ever! Not because it was necessarily the biggest or the grandest but just because it was so diverse, unique and gorgeous. The flowers were designed and created by San Fran florists Ixia Fine Flowers. Claire also had a gorgeous one of a kind dress, made specifically for her which looks wonderful in their awesome portraits – the vintage and Polaroid processing is just stunning!

I asked Gia what she loved about this wedding and it would appear she had similar ideas to me…

The venue was fairly funky.  So I chose to do their portraits in a setting that was organically funky to complement the architectural funkiness of the ceremony and reception location. 

The florals were really unusual.  I heart succulents and fiddle heads! And what’s not to love about succulents and fiddle heads with orchids and (what appear to be some sort of) ginger flowers?!  I can find out for sure what those were. 

My favorite thing about Claire and Jeff’s wedding was that everybody there — bride, groom, ringbearer, flower girl, family, or guest — was funky and fun.  I think they planned a wonderful party that everybody could enjoy.  They did some of the traditional things — like having a first dance — but did other things because they had great personal value or were just plain fun.  They served jambalaya and mac ‘n cheese for dinner, creme brulee for dessert.  Claire commissioned a groom’s cake for Jeff that said “Guinness is good for you!” on it.

Thanks so much Gia, it’s been great sharing your work!

Credit: Gia Canali

Ahh Dresses!

Woah is today the day of amazing dresses or what? How gorgeous is Carisa’s layered dress? Plus they had carnations..I love carnations but they always get such a bad rep :o(

Speaking of dresses my actual wedding dress was borrowed by Rosie Parsonsfor a recent photo shoot and one of the images only went and got published for crying out loud! Clicky and check it..

Credit: Karie McLain

A Perfect Ensemble

I am sharing this wedding for one main reason – Sara’s dress…don’t you just love it? It was based on her Grandmother’s gown and was designed and made for her by Dame Couture. I don’t think she could be wearing a more perfect for her ensemble…the dressm the veil, the glasses, trhe shoes – it all suits her so much!

Thanks for the share Olivia!

Credit: Olivia Leigh Photography

Cotton Mill Bridal

Hurrah! another set of images from Wei Quek. This gorgeous shoot took place at the cotton mill near Dallas, a location that made for some fabulous textures and light. The dress is by Nicole Miller.

Credit: Photobolic