The Way To My Heart

The way to my heart is to send me tattooed Brides! How lucky am I?  Chelsea Nicole did just that and there’s no way I can say no to a little blog post.

Credit: Chelsea Nicole

She Said Yes!

Your proposal (whether you’re the proposer or proposee) has got to be the most romantic moment of your life so far right? (even if it’s not!) So what’s a better idea than this – asking a photographer to hide and capture the most important and special moments as they unfold. I would love to have photographs of this exact second, when I stood in shocked silence before finally saying ‘YES!’
It almost feel voyeuristic looking at these, but I totally love them.

Thanks for sharing the love Brett!

Credit: Brett Maxwell Photography


As ‘The Definition of Rad’, photographer Jeff Newsom sets him self up for a fall right? Well actually no..I’m pretty sure there aren’t many things as rad as these…

I have too much love for these my friends.

Credit: Jeff Newsom


This wedding took place in an methodist church that has been converted into a gorgeous art gallery, and was in fact the first one at this venue. What a great idea for a venue – no need to extra decor, just le the art be your theme!
 This couple are just so darn cute and colourful it’d be a crime to not share!

Thanks Amanda!

Credit: Amanda Donaho Photography

Snow White And The Rock Star

A Snow White Bride with a guitarist Groom who met at a Velvet Revolver concert is defiantly the kind of wedding I like.  The couple went for a pin up/rock themed bash and the drummer of the band that brought them together even designed the Groom’s suit!


Suzi you are a uber cool photographer and I love. it!

Credit: TSL Photography

A Location To Die For…

…and check out their amazing wedding! What beautiful details and a to die for location!

Anna & Chris, thanks so much for sending this couple my way. I love them!

Credit: Cineart Photography