Vegas Style

A huge ‘Hell yes!’ goes out to Chelsea Nicole for sending these my way…how totally Rock n Roll Bride these are!

Lisa and Dan originally planned a big wedding in Mexico, but changed their minds to do something a little more them: Vegas Style! After an intimate wedding, I whisked them away from the family for a little adventure, a little mischief, and a whole lot of fun! In addition, Lisa also decided to forgo the big traditional wedding dress she had originally purchased, and instead went for a short wedding dress jazzed up with some brand new RED converse to fit their wedding theme!


How can anyone not love them?!

Credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography


I just like these…I like them a lot –  especially the spontaneous swim at the end of the day!

Thanks Joy!

Credit: Joy Marie

Roaring 20’s

This could be quite possibly my favourite kind of vintage themed wedding because it is so clearly defined. You look at these images and you instantly know it is a 1920’s affair – from the car, to the hair dos, the feathers, to the amazing flapper style Bridesmaid’s outfits.  The idea of a ‘vintage wedding’ had been thrown around so much in recent years that the idea has kind of got diluted. It seems that any wedding can now be deemed as ‘vintage’ as long as the Bride is wearing pearls!  In fact many of my photographer friends joke (no names mentioned!) ‘ooh I just got booked for another vintage themed wedding.’

However this wedding is nothing like all the rest – it is quite clearly a truly vintage themed wedding…I just love it!

Credit: Gritz Photography

Save The Date? Nah…Save The Dress!

OK so you are going to love this. 

We didn’t send out Save the Date’s when we got hitched…it was just another unnecessary job to us, but hell, if we’d known this amazing Save the Date idea was a possibility the outcome might have been slightly different! Wouldn’t this also be a fabulous idea for your invitations or thank you’s? Not only is sending everyone videos instead of a generic card a lot more fun, inventive and..well..rock n roll, but this particular Save the Date laughs in the face of the usual ‘oooh look at us so in love, look at us holding hands’ blegh – it’s all about the Bride to be and her dress! Not to mention the fact that the shoot makes her look like an actual rock star…I just LOVE it!

Sharrone, you guys rocked this! Thanks so much for the share

Sivanne & Omer…Save The Date By Sharrone Calafiore
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 Credit: Foire Films

Also featured on Style Me Pretty

Hot Shot!

Bored of engagement shoots or just not a fan..? Well why not have a Hot Shot!? The concept by Fiore Films blows the boring engagement shoot out of the water (not that I’d ever share any boring engagement shoots here!)

Sivanne & Omer flew in for their engagement session which they will be viewing on a big screen behind their first dance on there wedding day.
That’s the adorable idea Sivanne came up with!
In the clip they will be viewing, we strategically placed  Omer twirling Sivanne under his arm… he will be twirling her simultaneously on the actual dance floor.
Ehhh-Hem…I’ll take the credit for that adorable idea!
Here are just some of our favorite moments from Sivanne & Omer’s “Hot Shot” Enjoy!
Credit: Fiore Films

ps I will be posting  couple’s amazing and original save the date idea later today…it’s defiantly an idea worth stealing!

One Of A Kind

I love unique wedding dresses don’t you? When I was choosing my own dress my decision was confirmed for me when the shop assistant said ‘well that one is not very popular’… SOLD!

Brazilian Bride Juliana seems to have the same opinion as me – her dress is so original and so fabulously glamorous! The dress was actually handmade by designer Isabela Capeto (her sister! She also made the cute Bridesmaid dress) and so defiantly is a one of a kind creation. I love it.

Thanks so much for sharing Ju!

Credit: Chvaicer Fotografia