Woodland Nymph

A little woodland nymph roams around in her pretty pretty dress, captured beautifully by Chicago photographer Anna Kleinkopf.

To Anna’s friends, thank you for begging her to send these to me..!

Credit: Jackson Street Photography Co.

Purple Shoes & Peonies

Ooh hello purple shoes..why you have certainly brightened my day.

Credit: Tab McCausland Photography

Random Is Good

These may be random, and definitely not bridal, but I just love this this  photo shoot and this Betsy Johnson dress too much not to share…oh and the pink hair and tats but I think that goes without saying…
Tara you rocked it!

Credit: Trigger Happy

Giving Props

Is it just me, or are shoots with props the actual best? They absolutely can make or break a photo session and I have so say (apart from balloons of course…I still can’t get over them!) these have got to be some of my favourites.  A vintage suitcase, a lace umbrella, the massive flowers, a retro camera…these are all so simple yet so darn beautiful!

Credit: Caroline Tran