After The Aisle

I am loving this rainy ‘after the aisle’ session by Courtney Paris…rain is good people, it means you can have cute photographs in your wellies!

Thanks Courtney!

Credit: Courtney Paris

Vintage Gems

Is it just me, or do these photographs have a truly authentic feel? Like they literally could have been found in an attic somewhere..

Credit: Tami Curtis/Jane’s Attic

Engagment Overload!

Remember these two fabulous weddings by Joel Flory? Well he send me some of his newest engagement shoots and how could I possibly say no to a little post? Erm…what was that I said just yesterday about not posting every single engagement set I’m sent? Well, it’s kinda difficult when they are all so good..come on…he sent me photographs with balloons!

For more of Kevin & Trish clicky here
and for more of Tamar & Mike clicky here

Credit: Joel Flory

More Balloons!

There is something about balloons in bridal shoots..I just can’t get enough of them and they always make me smile! 
For more of this session clicky here

A huge thanks to Erin for sending these my way!

Credit: Erin Gilmore


Another little gem from one of my newest finds, Pat Dy! I am loving the use of light in these.

Credit: Pat Dy Photography