Thursday Treats – 27th January 2011

Credit: Photography by Max Wagner for – found via Oh Joy!

Have you signed up for the party of the year yet? It’s shaping up to not only be one of the most popular events I’ve ever been involved in (nearly 400 of you have already applied for tickets!) but also one of the most exciting. This week I’ve been chatting music, sweets, cupcakes and centrepieces with my army of helpers, and BOY is this gonna be one hell of a party!

In other news, don’t forget that if you’re not able to attend the party then I’m going to be at a number of other events over the coming months. I’d love to see loads of you there as always!

♥ Friday 11th – Sunday 13th February is The Designer Wedding Show in Battersea Park, London. I’ll be there on Friday the 11th. Tickets are available online now for just £16

♥ Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th February is The Designer Vintage Bridal Show at Highbury Hall in Birmingham. I’ll be there on both days. Tickets are available online now for only £8!

♥ Sunday 20th – Monday 21st March is Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair at the uber swanky One Marylebone in London, I’ll be there on Monday 21st. The Sunday event will be held from 12-30pm – 5.30pm and on the Monday it’s from 4pm – 9pm (perfect to pop down to after work!) Tickets cost just £12 or £18 for two and for every ticket sold a donation of £2.00 will be made to the Eve Appeal – to book, or call 020 8879 7744. To see more of Luella’s Boudoir, visit

There’s so much going on and I can’t wait! So what about the rest of this week’s treats then?

Trey and Emery’s Super Bright & Colourful Wedding
Gemma & Chris’ Anniversary shoot in Brighton
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♥ Liz Hamphotography wows
♥ Campervan of love
♥ Brandon & Lauren’s Lovefest
Yellow Dress with a Green Petticoat
Sam & Tadd’s engagement
Awesome wedding cakes that don’t look like “wedding cakes”
♥ Oh so gorgeous Vintage Wedding Dress Save-the-Dates

In Motion…


Sarah & Jason’s Perfect-for-Them Wedding

One of the (many) things I love about Rock n Roll Brides is how different you all are. You are diverse and fabulous in you own unique ways and that makes me so happy! I love the way I see you all bring who you are to the table, to create the perfect wedding for YOU. It’s great to get inspiration from wedding blogs like this one, but at the end of the day it’s you + your fiancé who should create YOUR perfect wedding.

Sarah & Jason did just that.

“What made us Rock n Roll, was that from the beginning, we just couldn’t picture us having a traditional wedding. We felt like it would have been fake for us,” began the bride. “That’s fine for some people, and we don’t begrudge anyone the right to the kind of wedding they want, but we wanted something that was all about us. There are very few things I love more than being the center of attention, so it was really important to me that our personalities were on display from beginning to end. From the black envelopes our invitations went out in, to the amount of glitter on the tables, everything was picked and placed specifically by us. We had a vision for what we wanted and what we didn’t care about, and we met with very little resistance from anyone. We weren’t planning a “wedding” so much as planning our dream party.

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Nathaniel & Eve’s Quickie Wedding

When photographer Eliza Claire tweeted me to tell me the bride she had just met was wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress for her wedding I immediately got excited. So excited in fact that I ‘bagged’ featuring the event before I’d even seen one photograph! Eve’s dress was not an actual ‘wedding dress’ at all, but one from Vivienne’s Anglomania range that she had fallen in love with.

“I’d been non stop dress shopping for two weeks and so far had six wedding dresses hanging in my wardrobe – all cream or ivory, all perfectly lovely, but none quite hitting the spot,” Eve told me. “The fact was that I wanted a Vivienne Westwood dress – I just love that VW look, the corset style waist, emphasis on the bust, full skirt… But I’d been to her shop and couldn’t find anything, I think at that point I was still set on a white wedding you see. Then, the week before the wedding, in one last ditch attempt to find THE dress, I was racing through Selfridges when I passed the Anglomania concession – and there it was. I fell in love with it straight away. It helps that grey and navy are my favourite colours.”

“However, I was conscious that I needed to ‘wedding it up’ – and I only had a few days to make the look work, so I booked a personal shopping session at Selfridges (it’s a free service) for three days before the wedding. Luckily for me I got Debbie styling me. She’s getting married herself in March – so she’d been doing her own wedding recce of the store for the past year. Debbie totally got the look I was imagining (wedding with an edge) and proceeded to storm round the store picking out killer heels (me: “but i can’t walk in those!” Debbie: “who cares? it’s your wedding – IT’S FASHION!”) and beautiful head pieces. She fixed me up with Christian Louboutin shoes (D: “all brides should tread on red darling!”) and a Cherry Chau head piece (mercifully in the sale…).  I’d love to see what she looks like on her wedding day – amazing I bet…Now all that remained was to take those six ivory wedding dresses back….”

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