Rachael & Tony’s Land of Make Believe Wedding

“The theme of our wedding was inspired by us being big kids and my love for make believe, colour & Alice In Wonderland,” Rachael & Tony told me. “The garden (which was right next to the reception – which was held at Brett’s Wharf on Kingsford Smith Drive Hamilton, Brisbane) was filled with toadstools, moss and over-sized cartoon style colourful flowers. We had ‘floating’ windows and a door hanging in the entrance with a ‘Welcome’ sign on wood tied in a tree.”

“There was a lolly bar. Huge jars filled with caramel fudge and coconut ice. Mismatched furniture with colourful cushions. Once it became night all the lighting throughout the gardens came alive. Pink and blue shrubs, a psychedelic oil pattern lighting up a huge tree. Black chandeliers hung from a fairy light tree. A star hung outside throwing different light patterns over the garden.”

“Inside, the ivory drapes that hung on the wall were lit up by pink floor lights. Our Best Man has a lighting companyand made something really beautiful for us. It just looked incredible. I felt although we were in a fairytale, but a really cool one.”

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Sarah & James’ Rockin’ Rockabilly Wedding


Sarah & James’ 1950’s rockabilly wedding was inspired by Sarah’s Grandparents who got married on September 12th 1953. “We wanted to get married as close to this date as we possibly could, hence the choice of 11th September 2010,” Sarah told me.  “My Grandparents celebrated their 57th Wedding anniversary the day after our wedding – the rose tattoo’s on my feet (by Sam Ricketts) have their names ‘Alice’ and ‘Mervyn’ in recognition of how special they are to me.”

“We were keen for the day to reflect our personalities,” continued the bride. “We chose a civil ceremony which was held at Pittville Pump Room, a Grade one listed building, as it is a big part of Cheltenham’s history, pumping the famous ‘spa water’ to the town (and it makes for some pretty awesome pictures!)  There was a ‘swallow’ theme running throughout (as I have swallow tattoos on my stomach) – As James is a Graphic Designer, he designed all of the wedding stationary for us – from invites, to place settings.  As wedding favours we decided on plectrums (which we ordered from the internet) as James is a guitarist, with the ‘swallow’ design and our names and the date on the back.”

“There was also a colour theme of red, black and white running throughout the day (as these are our favourite colours!) Rather than ‘table names’ we identified the tables with movie stars and singers from the era. From Marilyn Monroe, to Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra.”

Sarah wore a ivory 1950’s style swing dress from Vivien of Holloway (her bridesmaid’s wore the same dresses in black or polkadots) and the new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes (eeek cherries!) Her hair was done in a rockabilly style, adorned with Diablo Jo’s handmade rockabilly accessories.

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Photography Friday – Carly, Cocktails & Cats

This week my bestest friend in the whole wide world came to stay. We are officially rubbish and never see each other enough (busy lives and all that) but I know she stalks my blog (her words not mine) so this should be a nice surprise for her this week!

Carly came to stay. We drank lots of these…

(Did you know they sell Cosmopolitan in a bottle now?! I saw it in the supermarket and was instantly sold! It may be a little chavvy but do I care?! They were yummers)

And by the end of the night, our vision looked like this…

(Carly took this photo – I see a new photographic talent emerging don’t you?!)

I love my Carly and I miss her muchly…

(photo from our wedding by David McNeil)

Thursday Treats – 21st October 2010 (+Southern Weddings Mag Winner Announced)

Credit: Via Ink it Up

I’ve said this over and over on Twitter, Facebook etc but I literally can’t get over how awesome the response has been to our Paris photo shoot. I am so chuffed that you all loved it…and we only did it for you lot. Blown away I am! Also a huge thanks must go to Annabel over at the Love my Dress blog for running a feature on the shoot – for some brand new and exclusive images be sure to head over and check out her post.

Also, thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of the V3 issue of the beautiful Southern Weddings Magazine (featuring yours truly!) and I am pleased to announced that the randomly selected winner is…

Congratulations Lucy! Please email me your full name and shipping address and I’ll send the mag out to you asap.

Right…on with the treats. YUM!

Reno, Nevada Handmade Wedding
Christina + Paul’s Rainy Romantic Wedding
♥ Gorgeous dresses from Reem Acra
Blogger Accountability 101
This could be big
♥ Elopement: Danielle + Gregor
Nadia and James – vintage swooning
Follow your heart
Whimsical Colorado Wedding 
♥ Pink paper dress! Amanda & Peter………Anniversary Session

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Hitchfest 2010 – Bowie Bride & The Rock n Roll Wedding of the Year!

In the words of the lady herself, I am so titstastically excited to share Britt & Mike’s wedding with you today. I have literally been on the edge of my seat since July in eager anticipation of seeing their wedding photographs. Most of you will already know Britt, the kick ass, controversial and Rock n Roll heavy-weight behind the the Bowie Bride blog. Words really can’t express how awesome this chick is and how much I totally adore her and her killer blog.

As you can well imagine I nearly fell on the floor with excitement when Britt asked if I’d like to be the blog to share her wedding. Like she even had to ask!?


The couple were married at BOXeight Studios, a photography studio in downtown Los Angeles…and their got the subway there. Hell yes! No unnecessarily expensive wedding transport for these two! They were adamant that their wedding would be a reflection of them and would be filled with everything they love. Britt explained, “There was no way my husband and I were going to plan a one-day celebration for 365 days straight and spend 12.5K just to throw a wedding that didn’t exude “us.”  We wanted an urban/gritty/downtown/loft vibe. Something our guests could take the subway to. Something that promoted hardcore loving and hardcore boozing.”

“We wanted to showcase food that was unique to LA, so we chose Korean/Mexican fusion tacos that were served off a truck. (LA is famous for their food trucks).  Overall, we focused on traditions that made sense to us as a couple, and ignored the traditions that didn’t.  So once we got over the whole, “Do we really need to include this expensive and/or dated tradition that we could honestly care less about” aspect of it all, planning a wedding that exuded “us” became pretty easy. We reused a ton of materials for the DIY decor — most of which we found buried in our closets, or in our recycling bins… Like CD cases, corks, sheet music, bottles, vases, buttons, etc. You name it, we probably tried to reuse it for our wedding decor.”


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Under the Spotlight – AriaDress

When it comes to looking for your perfect wedding dress, a lot of Rock n Roll Brides are now heading online to see if they can get their dream gown at a fraction of the price. My worry with this has always been that you might end up with a substandard ‘knock off’ dress that isn’t of the quality that you deserve for your big day. You know what they say, “pay cheap, pay twice…”

However I’m excited to say that I’ve found an exception to this rule! I was contacted by AriaDress a few weeks ago and I have not only been blown away but the quality of work and design that goes into every one of their bespoke gowns, but at prices significantly less than you’d expect! Can you believe you can get a dress as gorgeous as these for under $500!?

I got chatting to designer Tak Hau last week about his passion, his inspiration and his love of creating simply stunning gowns for brides and bridesmaids. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. He really is a wonderfully talented man and I’m so thrilled to be showcasing his brand new Spring 2011 collection on Rock n Roll Bride.

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Tak Hau, the designer and creative director of AriaDress, a company I started nine years ago to bring style and sophistication where it was really needed – in the bridesmaid dress category. Now, we also do wedding gowns. I started out designing cocktail dresses in the 1980s, under my own label and others, which were sold in boutiques and the top department stores in the USA.

What made you want to get into Bridal fashion?
Being a designer in the dress business for a long time, I began to think of a category that I could build into a new and viable business. I started to be more aware of bridal fashions, and noticed there was a lack of modern bridesmaid dresses that were affordable, or that didn’t look like the truly awful bridesmaid dress Melanie Griffith wore in the film, Working Girl. Remember that, with all the powder blue chiffon? It didn’t seem much had progressed since then.

Before I started AriaDress, you either had to pay a lot of money for bridesmaid dresses or they were that ugly! So I discovered this niche that needed modern, affordable, high quality dresses – there were none 10 years ago – and we took off almost as soon as we were on the web.

Someone who is asked to be a bridesmaid can dread the experience because of the dress. I decided to make AriaDress as close-to-custom as possible, so each bridesmaid could choose what fits her best and the dresses could be made all in one color. It’s really very easy to switch a bodice with a skirt, for all different sizes, and make a bridesmaid feel really great to appear in the dress.

That was my goal. We just introduced wedding gowns this year, for Spring 2010, and use the same concept of allowing our brides to choose any neckline to go with any skirt silhouette, using the same designs from the bridesmaid’s collection. In pure silk, fully lined, with the quality of made in the USA construction, a bride with more style than cash can have a really pretty gown for under $500 – and use the thousands of dollars that seem be the cost of a one-day wedding gown, towards a house, or a honeymoon, or sometimes, a baby.

I’m happy to make that possible!

What are your influences?
Audrey Hepburn is my muse – she’s a classic. I’ve never seen her in an outfit that looks bad or silly at any point in time. You can see her in the 70s, the 80s and she always looks right.

That’s what dresses from AriaDress are all about. I want my dresses to never look silly at any point in time.

I get a lot of ideas from watching old movies. Movies from the ‘20s and ‘30s give me many ideas, and put me in a world where I start conceptualizing a design. I was watching a movie about a woman that was a showgirl, and had this beautiful dress with a fishtail mermaid skirt, all ruffley, very girly and pretty. And it gave me the whole idea for my new designs for Spring.

Our dresses have been very structural, very linear – which was necessary to tone down the overdone styling in these kinds of dresses. But that movie, and the times, made me think of doing something more organic and more flowing for next season, Spring 2011.

For us, it’s new. I’m softening up the look to be more feminine, girly, and body conscious. I love using a single ruffle, never overdoing it, to jazz up the dress, and I’ve brought in a Short Trumpet skirt, which is very flirtatious and works beautifully at knee-length, or even a little longer.

Color, of course, is a big influence. I’m drawn to purples and blues, greens, and the cooler shades this season.

Whose work do you really admire?
Donna Karan. I like her aesthetics and point of view. She’s very modern. Her clothes are never trendy. I don’t like trendy things. She’s a true artist and her clothes reflect that – every piece of clothing she makes is a piece of art.

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