Recent Press – June 2011

Here’s where you might have spied my mug over the last 30 days. As always, thanks for all the support from the fabulous British (oh and Australian woohoo) press this month!

Photo Professional

This month I addressed a slightly touchy subject, but one that I felt really needed to mentioned – the rise of copycats in the wedding industry and what to do if you feel your ideas are being plagiarised.

Oh yeah, I take no prisoners.

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A Short Black Wedding Dress – Sarah & Adam’s My Chemical Romance

I’ll be honest, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Sarah & Adam’s wedding for an absolute age. You see, I saw Sarah’s incredible black wedding dress many times before the event, when I popped into see my girls at Fur Coat No Knickers in London. Laura & Emma showed the dress to me and told me I’d love the bride that has bought it – that she was cute and tattooed and wearing a black veil to match…and oh boy we’re they right! So without further ado…

“I would describe our wedding theme as American vintage,” Sarah told me. “With pretty carnival fairy lights, sweets and good music. Music was at the heart of our wedding. As My Chemical Romance’s biggest fan I had to walk down the aisle to their music (Desert Song) and we had songs that meant a lot to us throughout the day. From the music guests arrived to including Radiohead and Libertines, to the reading my Mum read during the ceremony (Bob Dylan’s Wedding Song), music playing constantly at the bar and during the meal.”

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Lauren & Tim’s Vegan & Eco-Conscious Wedding

It was important to Lauren & Tim to make their wedding as vegan as possible. This is how they live their lives so they wanted this reflected in the biggest day of their lives.

The wedding was held at Mt Keira Scout Camp, “We chose this site as we are both scouts”, Lauren told me. “It is a beautiful scout camp and I would go camping there as a young scout and see people getting married there. Ever since I have wanted to get married there. Mt Keira scout camp is beautiful. It is located about half way up Mt Keira which looks out over Wollongong to the ocean. It has a lovely, mystical, bushy setting with lovely old buildings and a peaceful feel. Followed the ceremony they had a reception in Lauren’s parent’s back garden.

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Post It Notes – 24th June 2011: Budgeting & Finding Inspiration

Photography Credit: Liesl from Photo Pink NYC (full wedding coming up on the blog next week!)

When allocating your wedding budget think about what’s most important to you and spread your money accordingly. You can still have a few splurges even with the tightest budget – spend the money on what you really want and save on the rest.

For me the venue, the dress and the photography would be the most important aspects so I’d allocate the most of my budget for these and save the pennies on things I could either DIY myself (for example the reception décor, the flowers, the stationery) or omit completely (cars, live band, open bar etc.)

This is a piece of advice I need to drum into myself now and again, but sometimes it’s just as beneficial to turn of the computer, step out of the office and enjoy living a little bit!

Often my biggest pangs of inspiration for blog posts come when I’m out of the house and taking in the world around me. Like my idea for the posing tips blog post (which I’ll be posting on Monday!) hit my when I was in the hairdressers reading fashion magazines and looking at all the weird and wonderful poses the model’s were doing…it got my creative juices flowing!

Thursday Treats – 23rd June & A Little Reminder

Photography Credit: Lindsay Ellingson by Antoine Verglas for Gravure via Fashion Gone Rogue

First up a little reminder and some good news! The Rock n Roll planning notebooks and wallplanners are still available to buy through the fabulous We originally planned to limited the ordering until the end of June, however the response has been so phenomenal that Sugalily and I have decided to extend ordering time indefinitely. Great news if you don’t get paid until the end of next week…or if you friend has just got engaged and you’re on the lookout for a unique gift (hint hint.)

The wedding planning notebooks and 2012 wallplanners will be available to order from for the foreseeable future. Hurrah! The notebook costs just £7.50 and the wallplanner will only sent you back £20 – and both come with free delivery to anywhere in the UK (although we can ship worldwide.)

Happy days…

OK..treat time!

A cute Manhattan engagement
My favourite Lipstick – I’m loving this idea!
♥ Sombreros y Rancheros Hat Party Bridal Shower
Fun tattooed engagement shoot with animal masks!
♥ Our Love Is Sweeter Than Honey Bridal Shower
Cotton themed wedding
♥ Little Horsethief Ranch wedding
A dreamy wedding
♥ Handmade Southern wedding: Josh + Amelia
Beach camping engagement shoot

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Juliana & Tony’s Tim Burton Inspired Wedding

Juliana & Tony’s wedding was inspired by their favourite Tim Burton movies. “We wanted to pack a big punch in a small and intimate way,” they told me.  “We constantly reminded ourselves to keep it simple, not to sweat the small stuff, and to enjoy the day.”

“Even though the date was set for October, we didn’t want our wedding to be considered or overpowered by a Halloween theme,” they continued. “The main focus would always be about us as the couple. It was a bit of a challenge finding a wedding theme that worked for us and that was appropriate. We started with the color scheme of black, red, and white.”

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