Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 18th March 2011

Photography Credit: via all about photos via we heart it (if you know the original source of this image, please drop me an email & I’ll add it)

So Photography Friday is no more. I know some of you are still in mourning (be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook for regular and random personal pictures if you want ’em) but behold – a new feature! First off I’ve got to say thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook who helped me come up with the name for this post, I was struggling to be creative and couldn’t think of anything to call it apart from ‘Tip-day Friday’ and that was kinda rubbish…

Post-It Notes will be blogged every Friday and every week I’ll be posting two top tips – one related to wedding planning and one for business/blogging. The idea behind this being that I get hundreds of emails asking for my advice and magazines are always asking for my ‘top tips’ on different areas of wedding planning, so I thought hey, why not make a blog feature out of it? I have visions of some of you writing these out onto actual post-it notes and sticking them in your wedding planning book/inspiration folder or all around your office! That would be pretty cool.

Let me know what you think of my new feature in the comments – if you like the idea, I’ll keep it going.

Book your photographer early. A lot of the best photographers get booked out as far as a year in advance so this is one thing to not leave to the last minute and unlike some other wedding services, you usually won’t get a discount for a last minute booking.

Whatever your business, start a blog. Now. Stop putting it off and just do it…sometimes simply starting something is the hardest part.

Thursday Treats – 17th March 2011 + Winner of 5 VIP Tickets to The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair Announced

MAC’s newest collection, ‘Quite Cute’ (launches in April) is quite simply perfect for me. Credit cards at the ready girls!

It’s been a pretty exciting week for me this week. I was sat on the London Underground yesterday evening with photographer Penny McKinley-Rodgers (who had come to meet me to take some behind the scenes shots of my preparations for my catwalk debut at The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair on Monday.) I turned to her and said…”Wow, my life is weird huh? How do I get myself into this situations?”

You see I’d just spent the day having my pink head crimped and coiffed at a hair trial, trying on some pretty darn stunning wedding dresses and meeting lovely people who’d made me lovely things to wear down the catwalk.  I’ll be posting the pictures to show you how my day went on Saturday so I hope you’ll pop back then to see them.

Talking of The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair, I’d also like to thank everyone who entered the contest to win 5 VIP tickets to the Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair. I’m delighted to announce that the Rock n Roll Bride reader who’ll be there to see all the madness unfold is…

Exciting. Becki, I’m looking forward to meeting you…I’ll be on the look out for those pom poms! For those of you that didn’t win but would still like to come (I’ll be there on Monday 21st from 4-9pm), tickets are still available for just £12 (or £18 for 2) book yours now by emailing or calling 020 8879 7744.

Alrighty then, let’s get on with these yummy treats shall we?

From Portland to Peonies’ beautiful wedding
Coco De Coeur To Raise Money For Japan
Anthropologie Gift Card Designwow. just wow. Forget the gift, I’d be happy with just the card!
Want To Move To New York City? An International Playgirl Tells You How!
♥ Adorable & Fun Bridal Shower Party Ideasby my girl Jen at Green Wedding Shoes
Model Muse: Charlotte FreeHow gorgeous? New pink hair inspo!
Relaxed Southern Vintage Wedding
Wedding Attire Inspired by Coloured Tights – loving this trend
Chelsea + Rajiv (Photography Credit: Sloan Photographers) – and yes that is a wall of post-its!

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Annette & Chris’ Fancy Dress Victorian Circus Themed Wedding

Annette & Chris had a fancy dress/steampunk themed wedding in Liverpool. The bride wore a corset purchased from Corsets UK and a skirt from MTCoffinzUnderground on Etsy. “My dress wasn’t technically a ‘dress’ as it was a Corset and a separate skirt,” the bride told me. “I bought the white and black steel boned corset for around £60 and the skirt, which was described as a ‘Victorian Lace Gothic Ball Gown’, cost around £100.” She also wore Victorian-style black ankle boots which she hired from a fancy dress shop! Chris hired his unique outfit from a fancy dress shop too.

“The groom came up with the whole idea of a Victorian Circus themed wedding,” explained Annette. “We’re not ‘average’ kind of people and didn’t want to settle on an ‘average’ wedding, so it had to be fancy dress! Although we took our vows to each other seriously, we don’t believe a wedding should be a completely serious affair. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and have a massive party with all of your friends and family, which is what we did! I think that’s what makes us so Rock n Roll. Everyone said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, including their own!”

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An Elizabethan/Alexander McQueen-Inspired Shoot

Do you remember the last shoot I featured that was styled by Sugar and Fluff? It was super duper popular with you lot, and I’m convinced this second set will have just as big an impact.

The inspiration they ran with for this session was the Elizabethan period, “A sort of cold, romantic, dark and lethargic feel that illustrates the Elizabethan theater and also the dramatic style of the talented William Shakespeare,” explained stylist Aasim. “Christine Farah and Sugar and Fluff came up with the story of the Widow/Great dame of the manor. It’s a woman who sustains herself by luring men into her house/lair concocting a web of seduction and then having her way with them. She invites her guests to her bedroom where she draws her preys.  She then lures them into the dining room where there’s a grand feast on her dress (that’s simultaneously a table) The feast looks too good to be real…enhanced to look golden in the light…but…upon closer inspection…it IS golden!”

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Marco & Corinne’s Global Folk Art, Home-Spun Wedding

When I received the initial submission email from photographer Pat Dy, dubbing this as his ‘coolest ever wedding’ I had high expectations…and you know what I’m going to say here don’t you?…I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Marco & Corinne’s home-spun DIY wedding was a real labour of love. The wedding took place at the Groom’s arents house and they crafted their wedding mostly from items they already owned. Everything from their outfits to the flowers arrangement were hand made by the couple themselves or a close friend or family member. This created something totally unique and personal.

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Kat & Gareth’s “Beloved” Session with Marianne Taylor

It seems like forever ago now, but last year my friend Marianne Taylor sent me an email to let me know about an amazing and life-changing workshop she’d just completed. Hosted by Canadian photographer Jesh de Rox, the Life {as an artform} workshop had taught her some new techniques that she was desperate to try out and she asked if Gareth & I would model for her. This workshop wasn’t a technical or a ‘how to run your business’ one. It didn’t teach her a new technique with her camera or show her how to be a more successful photographer…it taught her how to use emotional exercises in order to bring the couple together, in the moment, and into a state where they are not afraid to show their true selves and explore the connection they have.

This was to be a completely different style of photo shoot than I’m used to – no make up artist, no hair stylist, no props (well, except for some cake pops – it was hard work and we needed a snack!)…just me + Gareth and our love and emotions laid bare.

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