I Am Smitten.

Angelica Glass is one of those photographers that I wish I’d known about when we were planning our own wedding! Her style is so fresh and modern and she always makes her subjects look so flawless and model-like. Her attention to detail is beyond fabulous, there is something about the way she shoots these extreme close ups that just make everything pop!

Well this post has turned into a bit of an Angelica love-fest right? What I was meaning to do was to share this new gorgeous wedding with you…the details from those sparkly blue Christian Louboutin shoes to the custom invitations, from the unique flowers to the Monique Lhuillier wearing Bride’s awesome tattoos – everything is totally rock n roll fabulous, and the couple most definitely could be rock stars themselves!

Oh… and the cake, and the Bridesmaid dresses, and the moustaches, and the Polaroid photo booth, and the fact the Bride is quite literally model-perfect…

Smitten doesn’t even cover it.

Credit: Angelica Glass

Dance Like A Mannequin

These stunning engagements were shot by the oh to fabulous Axioo Photography – a set of extraordinary photographers from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am loving all these images because theytell a story. We start off with Farah in a shop window, looking like a mannequin who then comes to life and dances like a ballerina with her fiance…and the painting the wall ones? Well they’re just awesome!

Credit: Axioo Photography

Countless Memories

Clair and Paul decided they would love to do their engagement session in the neighborhood right around their apartment, where they shared so many days and countless memories together. Then, alongside their photographer, Adrienne Gunde, theyput together a list of other places that meant a lot to them as a couple to act as the backdrops to their session.
Oh how cute they are…

Credit: Adrienne Gunde


I love crazy-out-there Trash the Dress…I just don’t know if I’d have the balls to do it myself with my actual wedding dress – maybe with a cheap one I got especially for the occasion!? The paint leads to a fantastic effect though – gotta love all that colour.

Credit: Varland Photography

I Like Blog Stalkers!

Okey dokey I think this most be the last post for today because I appear to have gone a little overboard in the old blogging department plus I am secretly hoping the hubby will be taking me out on a date tonight!
These are an amazing set to round the day off with however as I got the cutest email accompanying the submission from Bride-to-be Soila Elena, who said:
Hello Kat
     Let me start off by saying I’m your biggest blog stalker. I recently had my bridal session done with the coolest
Angela D Photography- I told her what I wanted and showed her some of your posts and we went to work- I’ll be married soon and so I asked her not to post any with my face  and she did a great job! I hope you like them -because I loved them and it was because of you, so thank you very much. In my daughter’s words i’m a “rediculous whore for your site”

Now come on, am I gonna really say no to that!?
See you all tomorrow you gorgeous creatures, and if you’re in California, be sure to enter the Tinywater Photography contest!

Credit: Angela D Photography

Aussie Rules

Is today the day of Rock n Roll Australian’s or what? After featuring Jess & Dana’s amazing engagements and wedding this morning I feel I need to continue the theme with Ben and Jessamy’s urban retro inspired affair.

I am loving the Bride’s dress from Carla Zampatti and cute shoulder length veil from Wedding Veils Australia. She also got her shoes from Sachi.
Oh and how could I not mention the Groom?! His suit is awesome. He got it from Jack London.

Credit: Lizzy C Photography