Anne-Marie & Jonny’s Ad Hoc, Budget & Vintage Wedding

Anne-Marie met Jonny at a gig 5 years ago, “I was 35 and old enough to know better. He was 23 and had no excuse,” laughed the bride. “Within a year we’d shacked up together and had our first child, with a second one following 19 months later. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2010 (lots of fireworks!) and married on my 40th birthday and it was better than any present could ever be.”

The couple planned their wedding on a shoestring, making as many beautiful details themselves as they could. They also had a lot of help from their friends and families. “We wanted to get married in the same way we live our lives, e.g. low-fi, low-budget, and surrounded by lots of lovely, creative friends and family,” Anne-Marie continued. “Everyone collaborated to make the day happen: my friend Frances made the cakes for the champagne reception at my house, my friend Sam made yards of bunting, my sister Lisa made the ‘AMP & JOHNNY’ sign and the little swallows and fabric baubles that decorated the hall for the party, lots of people DJed and my friend Soshanna made the most exquisite sugar-flower-strewn, three-tier wedding cake I’ve ever seen.”

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Post It Notes ‚Äď 1st July 2011: Legalities & Publicity

Photography Credit: Assassynation (full wedding coming up on the blog next week!)

I recieved this email from newly-engaged Lisa and thought I’d share my answer with you all becuase I’m sure she’s not the only bride-to-be wondering this…

Hi Kat,
My fianc√© and I are looking to get married at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall (after seeing a wedding held there featured on your blog, funnily enough!) We’re complete novices when it comes to non-church wedding practises, and we really liked the idea of having one of our friends perform the ceremony for us. Do you, or any of your readers know if this is something that is possible in the UK? Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hi Lisa
Unfortunately, right now in England you can only be legally married in a specially sanctioned place – ie church, register office or a hotel/venue with a license. The venue has to have a roof and be moored to it’s foundations (ie it can’t be a boat!) The ceremony must take place between 8am – 6pm and must be performed by someone legally ordained to do so like a priest or registrar.

However there is nothing to stop you going to the register office and doing the ‘legal’ bit – ie signing the papers in a quick 5 min ceremony then having a ‘fake’ (for lack of a better word) ceremony wherever you like and performed by whoever you like and classing that as your wedding ceremony.

My friends Emma & Pete did exactly this and it was amazing! Good luck with the planning.

As a side note, The Any Campaign are tirelessness petitioning to get these strict laws in the England changed. You can keep up with their plans on their website here.

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If you have any wedding planning questions why not drop me an email and I’ll try to answer them in a future¬†edition¬†of Post It Notes?

While I don’t agree with being controversial just for the sake of it, always remember than having an opinion that sparks a little debate is never a bad thing. The response to Monday’s ‘How to Pose’ article was incredible (although I can honestly say I was surprised that it was even seen as a controversial topic. The point of the post was to inspire and give confidence to the brides that read my site, certainly not to take anything away from professional¬†photographers!)

The positive and negative commnets streamed in (and are still coming through thick and fast.) While initially some people in my position may have been upset by the negative¬†responses, I¬†revelled¬†in all the attention on my little blog… and lo and behold, on Monday I recieved the¬†highest unique¬†number of visitors (including a lot of brand new visitors that have never seen the site before) the blog has ever had!

There is no such thing as bad publicity…but you might just have to be a bit thick skinned to get through it sometimes!

Thursday Treats – 30th June 2011

Photography Credit: Caroline Ghetes Photography (Full wedding can be seen here)

This week’s Thursday Treats is a bumper edition! Quite simply, I found so much prettiness online this week and I wanted to share it all. So why not take a more leisurely tea break this afternoon and enjoy the extra link loveliness?

You’re welcome.

♥ A Summer Shop Display Рfab DIY ideas
‚ô• Parisian Stripes – Black & White Wedding Inspiration
♥ The Pimp, the Grocer and the Hit Man: Magnetise Your Headings Using the Power of the Unexpected
♥ Photography-themed Boutonnieres
♥ DIY Hammered Spoon Place Cards
♥ The San Gabriel House Wedding by Sweet Sunday Events
‚ô• Fun quirky vintage shoot ‚Äď Columbia Road, London
♥ Pretty in Pink South Carolina Barnyard Wedding
♥ Charming French Country Wedding

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Taxidermy Elephants, Dinosaurs & A Vegan Ethos – Alix & Shawn’s Natural History Museum Wedding

Alix & Shawn were married in the¬†Natural History Museum Los Angeles, and it was this unusual venue choice that really shaped their day. “Our wedding was a combination of historical vintage and handmade, ” the bride told me. “The Museum set the stage to transport our guests to a different time and space altogether. They were surrounded by dinosaur bones, wild animal dioramas and a beautiful historic marble building.”

“We encouraged vintage attire and had a range of time periods from the 1920’s even up till the nineties. I had my dress made and based the design on a modernized frontier style with lots of ruffles and lace. Since it was pouring on the day, I also wore a black velvet cape I made long ago.¬†All my bridesmaids wore black dressed of their choosing, with more ruffles and lace. The groomsmen stuck with the historical theme and wore long frock coats. Shawn also had his suit jacket custom made.”

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Melissa & Jon’s Alice in Wonderland, Camden Wedding

“The theme of our wedding ended up as a sort of mish-mash of Mad Hatters tea party, 1940’s/50’s and Camden weirdness (Camden is an area of London known for it’s alternative culture – great for people watching!), which fitted our personalities perfectly” newlywed¬†Melissa told me. She married Jonathan at Islington Town Hall and afterwards had their reception in a hotel in Camden, where they first met.

“My inspiration firstly came from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland,” Melissa continued. “Jon and I went to see the film when we were dating and I fell in love with it, I’d always been a fan of the book as a child but the film had me hooked. As soon as Jon proposed I knew I would want a touch of Alice involved somewhere within the wedding, the only difficulty was going to be fitting the theme around our tiny budget.”

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Under The Spotlight – Dee Dee Bridal

Dee Dee Bridal offer bespoke and ready to wear bridal headdresses.  They pride themselves on their carefully hand crafted pieces and use materials such as embroidered lace, beading, feathers and vintage finds to create totally individual pieces.

“Each item is lovingly handmade with vintage or vintage inspired materials sourced from all over” owner Stacey explains. “Mixing magpie finds with lace and feathers, I create unique accessories for the special day and we are more than happy to work with the bride to create something unique to them.”

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