Thursday Treats – 2nd June 2011 + A Night Out in The ‘Ding

Credit: Via Audrey Kitching Coutureto promote her latest ‘Born to Rock’ range from her Tokyolux brand. I bought this adorable rainbow kitty tee and rainbow flower garland this week. Wooooo hurry up Mr Postman!

This week has been a relatively chilled one for me which has been all kinds of awesome…sometimes there’s nothing better than spending time with your husband, playing with your kitties, listening/dancing like a loon to the new Lady Gaga album (J’adore!)…oh and doing a bit of blogging. Although, in all honestly I needed a slightly less manic week after last weekend. Lucy and Debs came to visit me in Reading (hence the ‘ Ding nickname). Oh carnage doesn’t even cover it…

Thanks for the memories girls, and as Lucy so perfectly put on her blog post yesterday,

“Lastly I would just like to comment that although the wedding industry can show it’s fakery at times, you can also meet people that become some of the best friends you ever had.”

I bloody love you both and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. EVER. Or been so hungover for that matter… And for the record 6am is not an acceptable time to crawl home, no matter how Rock n Roll you think you are….Ouchy.

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On my internet travels this week I have mostly been devouring…

Courtney & Drew’s Rustic Wonderfulness
♥ Part 1, The Wedding Rehearsal (outfits) Part 2, Pretty Faces & Part 3, including a blue haired bridesmaid (sister) and flowergirl! – I am soooo excited about Elise & Jeremy’s wedding reports. More more more!
♥ If you go down to your local construction site today, you’re in for a big surprise…
First Same-Sex wedding to be featured in US Bride’s Magazine. YES!!
♥ Mischievous Explorer Inspiration
♥ Marilyn & Sean’s Sweet Wedding
♥ Country Style Flowers Inspiration
Amazeballs DIY Bohemian Rainbow Wedding

Photography Credit: Three Nails Photography

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Laura & Rob’s Bowling Alley Wedding

Laura & Rob were married at The Bloomsbury Hotel, London and had their reception in The Kingpin Suite at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London. The wedding was unintentionally a day of two halves, and the bride even wore two dresses for each event.

She explains, “As soon as we started planning the wedding, I had already set an agenda – no white, no normal wedding dress. It just so happened that the dress that made me cry like a baby was in Berketex Brides and was ivory! Even though I didn’t want to wear a ‘normal’ dress, I still bought wedding magazines and hoped that I would find something super in there. Out of about 15 magazines, I had dogeared the page of only one dress, but forgot about it. After trying on about 6 dresses, the lady said what about this one – I put it on and couldn’t stop crying – it was the one from the magazine.”

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Tina & Scott’s Travel Themed Crafty Wedding

Tina & Scott’s travel and craft themed wedding took place at The Greenbranch, Texas. It was predominately a DIY wedding influenced by the couple’s travels. “It was  mostly a do-it-your self peacock inspired wedding with a splash of anything vintage was a blast,” the couple told me. “Our invitations were an image of a vintage suitcase with travel stickers of places we have visited. This connected with our first date; a “geocaching date”. We not only wanted to share our journey as a couple with our guests but also encourage them to have an adventure of their own. The wedding favors for the evening were uniquely trackable geocaching coins designed by us.”

“Our bouquets and centerpieces were entirely do-it-yourself too,” continued Tina. “We wanted to create the bouquets and centerpieces ahead of time meant no fresh flowers, instead the my bridesmaid’s and I gathered for a craft day to create fabric flower bouquets. We used multiple mediums ranging from an old pair of the Scott’s jeans, small wooden flowers and to French silk ribbon. The bouquets took all day to make five, with one backup, and it was a lot of fun!”

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Raven’s Carnival Bridal Shoot

Raven wanted some carnival themed bridal portraits and so she asked William of Famous William Company to shoot them for her. “She had a blast and was all smiles even though the weather was blazing hot that day,” William told me. “The carnival was located outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She wore a 1950’s vintage wedding dress and for her something blue for the photos she had blue converse trainers.”

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Peter & Alisha’s Whimsical Woodland Wedding

Peter & Alisha’s Sydney wedding had a whimsical woodland vibe (complete with animal masks no less!)…with both modern and vintage twists. The bride explained, “I wanted to do something bright and whimsical with some traditional and vintage twists. I love colour so the blue of the bridesmaid’s dresses knocked me over when I saw it … its also one of my maids favourite colours. I wanted to surprise my friends and family with some little surprises , I hope we did. I love autumn colours and bright blue skies in May. Green goes well with these two palletes too and thats my favouite colour.”

The wedding was held at The Garrison Church, Sydney, with the reception taking place at The Ivy Sunroom, Sydney. Alisha’s unusual dress was handmade by her Mum and their friend Toni Quin. “My mum lovingly embroidered the detail on the bodice and the train with moths. My yellow canary rose was in there as well with some feathers and leaves…”

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