Pyucin & Dylan’s Sustainable, Eco-Vintage Wedding

Pyucin & Dylan were married at Shelldance Orchid Gardens, Pacifica, CA. It was important to them to pick a venue that they didn’t have to decorate themselves too much, as Pyucin explained, “When picking a venue, our goal was to keep it sustainable. We didn’t want to purchase a bunch of decor that would be thrown away the next day, and we wanted to make sure that the site represented who we are. Thus, we went in search of a unique site that was within our budget, and we were so happy when we discovered this little green house. The Shelldance Gardens is a non-profit organization so we were happy to contribute to a good cause, and, on top of that, the site is so beautiful that it barely required any extra decoration. It is so green and earthy – it really reflected our love for nature and the outdoors.”

Pyucin wore two dresses, a white one from The Limited and a traditional Burmese Gown, which was handmade in Burma. “The search for the perfect dress was somewhat hectic,” the bride told me. “I initially had a vision of wearing gold for my wedding, wanting to look like a goddess in the greenhouse. However, ordering the dress from Burma proved to be a challenge because communicating my design concept from The States was much more difficult than I thought. For my first dress, I thought I gave very clear visuals and directions on what I wanted, but the dress that they made was nothing like I had in mind. It was a very generous gift, but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing the dress on my wedding day. In a panic, I took my mother’s Burmese gown and made my SECOND dress. While this gown was better than the first, I couldn’t find the shade of gold I wanted, or, for that matter, the type of fabric I wanted. So the second dress became my back up dress, and I still kept my search for the perfect dress going. The THIRD gown was a gown that my florist promised me after she heard about my lack of luck in the dress department. She told me that the dress was close enough to gold in shade and it was very traditional and beautiful. Unfortunately when I saw the gown I just knew that it was too much for me…it was too fancy, too traditional – in a nutshell, not me.”

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Stacey & John’s 1950’s Cocktail Party Wedding

Stacey & John’s 1950’s inspired Melbourne wedding was held at The Gables Mansion. Their photographer Kim of Red Telegram told us all about it, “In discussion with Stacey & John they revealed that they wanted their wedding to feel as much like a wedding as a 1940′s/ 50′s style cocktail party, with guests arriving to the beautiful Gables in East Malvern on dusk for a night filled with love, laughter, tears (of joy), gypsy jazz and romance.”

“We felt as though we had been transported back in time, with Stacey evoking Doris Day, Julie Andrews, and Marlene Dietrich all rolled into one in her gorgeous Vintage Rose dress and John looking truly dashing in his Dom Bagnato suit, complete with cravat. The night and atmosphere seemed to us to have so many elements of vintage film, and so we tried hard to embrace not only the depth and the colour of this amazing property, but also the raw emotion and beauty of a simple but incredibly heartfelt ceremony. Not to mention capturing a crazy amount of fun (ok, so we did throw a bit of flash into the crazy booth photos).”

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Under the Spotlight – Honeymoon Ideas from Mahlatini

Having trouble deciding where to go on your honeymoon? Maybe you fancy laying on the beach in the Maldives but your husband-to-be wants to safari it around Kenya? Well Mahlatini are here to help. Their flexible and eclectic honeymoon options are perfect for people that want something different.

Mahlatini offer a range of holiday and honeymoon choices. Their ‘twin centre’ honeymoon packages specialise in holidays with two or locations included.

“These holidays are growing in popularity and Africa in particular lends itself to providing a diversity of experiences in one trip,” they explain, “Honeymooners in particular are drawn to twin centre safari and beach honeymoons which combine an action packed safari or city break with perhaps a week spent on a nearby beach to relax and soak up the sun. Twin Centre Holidays also suit families because parents can add to the yearly beach holiday with an educational and fun cultural and wildlife experience.”

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Jachen & Monica’s Travel Themed, Whimsical Woodland-Inspired Wedding

Oh where oh where do I begin with telling you about Jachen & Monica’s woodland-inspired wedding? The images and video of their wedding are such a visual feast that I almost don’t know where to start. The day had a sort of travel/woodland theme which reflected the fact that the couple met in Switzerland. Monica explains, “A year ago I was living in Switzerland as an Au pair when I met my now husband. I was only there for 3 months, but just long enough to have met him the last month I was there. We were both in the right place at the right time, the only time I would have been able to meet him. It is amazing how you can look back on all the events that led up to that moment and how evident it was that I was supposed to be in Switzerland to find him. After I met him we had one more month until I had to return to my home in Seattle. We continued skyping, emailing and a few times he came to me and I went back to beautiful Switzerland to be with him where we became engaged. Sometimes everything just falls into place and we were lucky enough to have that happen to us.”

“I have vintage, eclectic-ness, whimsy, creativeness, woodland creatures flowing within me. So of course I knew that my inspiration was going to be from what I already loved and was. As I met my husband while traveling in Europe (as well as him being from Switzerland) there was a small travel theme as well. Those combined was my inspiration and what made me excited for working on every aspect of the wedding.”

So how about the actual wedding? Well first off I just want to share some love for Monica’s outfit – I’m utterly loving her cute lace dress and leopard print faux fur jacket!

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Ryan & Lanie’s Four-Part Cubu Engagement Shoot

I don’t share as many engagement shoots as many of the other wedding blogs. It’s not that I don’t love them (for the record I think every couple should do an engagement shoot – they’re a great way to get to know your photographer and practice posing before your wedding day.) However it does take something extra special to make a couple shoot worth sharing on these pages, when you get sent as many awesome weddings as I do, usually these take priority for me. Yet I think Ryan & Lanie’s shoot certainly fits that inspiring bill.

The shoot was set up in four parts, as bride-t0-be Lanie explained, “First set was shot in Mogwai, which is a movie screening/cafe bar in Cubao-X. The vintage feel of this place helped us to achieve the nostalgic treatment we are aiming for. Add to that is the idea of our stylist to play a vintage film which served as our background during the shoot. For the second set which was still shot in Mogwai, its more like vintage with a twist of modernness to it.  I really love how the tiara went well with my messed up hair.”

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Regula & Bruno’s Creative, Spooky & Wonderful Wedding (Part One)

Regula & Bruno rock my world”…that’s how photographer Assassynation introduced me to this bad ass couple when she sent me their wedding. The pair are from Belgium but wanted to be married in England. Their ceremony day was followed by a tea party reception and spooky photo shoot in an abandoned fairground (!) in their home country a few weeks later. Luckily for us all, this second part took place just last weekend and believe me, I’m going to be featuring it just as soon as the photos are ready!

But for now, it’s all about the ceremony…

“Bruno and I met in the most romantic way… he drew me a portrait and left it for me to find,” Regula wrote, introducing their story to me. “I still don’t know what it was but the drawing just captured me, it moved me deeply. A few months later we met for the first time and the rest is history.”

“We always said if we got married it would be for us and not for something or someone else. We wanted it to be totally us and real, not something you pick out of a catalogue. Eloping was always our dream. We were together for 5 years when Bruno popped the question on a dramatic cliff in Cornwall June 2010. It was perfect.”

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