Marriage Mantras: Deal Breakers


Marriage throws up some big life questions and often a wedding is just the starting block for making a lot of major decisions in very quick succession. Wedding planning discussions also invariably lead into deeper, more long-term topics. Things like if you want kids, where you want to live and what career paths are you’re each going to take. It’s no coincidence that lots of couples seem to move house or one spouse has a career change pretty quickly after saying “I do”. Making this kind of commitment often encourages us to start thinking seriously about these other things too.

2. Deal Breakers

While you might not have ever thought about it while dating, things like if you want children, where you want to live, your feelings on fidelity, how often you like you see your family, sex, money, and vices can all come up unexpectedly during the wedding planning process.

It’s important to acknowledge these gaps in your knowledge of each other as you discover them. In the haze of infatuation it can be difficult to imagine that anything could ever drive you apart, but if you don’t both lay your cards on the table before getting married they may be the things that ultimately do.

Before Gareth and I walked down the aisle, we went on a short marriage course. Perhaps an old fashioned concept but it was a requirement of the church we wanted to be married in. We dragged our heels to the first class but quickly came to understand the only motive to the classes were to strengthen our relationship. They gave us the opportunity to talk about some of these big-life-questions. We married relatively young and at 24 I hadn’t really been thinking too hard about the future until then.


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Quirky and Colourful Austin Wedding: Corey & Xavier

whimsical wed_gabbytphoto20

Corey and Xavier were married at Palm Door, a quirky event space in Austin. Their inspiration started with a vintage theme but they also wanted tons of colour so they collected and crafted all of of the décor items themselves.

“The inspiration for our wedding started with a vintage feel”, wrote Corey. “We knew we wanted a Texas wedding with traditional Texas food (BBQ!) so we opted for a somewhat vintage look with a backyard twist. We wanted to put a lot of personal touches on the décor and thanks to Pinterest and a willing bridal party, we ended up with a spectacular event.”

whimsical wed_gabbytphoto7

“The backdrop was definitely a labor of love. It involved hours upon hours of ‘fringing’ colored crepe paper, but it was worth it and turned out lovely. We knew we wanted bright colors as well, so after some time debating we settled on fuchsia and aqua. We ordered tissue paper pom pom flowers and lanterns from Amazon to put the finishing touches on our beloved back drop.”

whimsical wed_gabbytphoto58

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Thursday Treats: A Week Down on the Farm

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding

Photography: Devlin Photos

It’s been a busy old week round these parts. Not only did we launch a magazine on Tuesday (!) but Gareth and I were invited to model at the Photography Farm that same afternoon! The Farm is a wedding photography workshop hosted by Lisa Devlin that I’ve been involved with since it’s conception. I actually modelled (solo) for the first ever farm and with this class falling on the two year anniversary it was awesome to not only be asked to do it again but to bring Gareth along with me! Of course I’ll be sharing the full results of the shoot soon enough, but I couldn’t resist a little sneak peek today.

Can you guess what the idea behind it was?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Disney and Star Wars wedding
♥ Colourful Autumnal Melbourne wedding
English fusion wedding
Flower light pendant DIY
Twin Peaks Ranch wedding

twin peaks ranch wedding

Photography: Studio Castillero via Love Olio

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Detail Orientated Glaswegian Wedding: Lindsey & Craig

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 611

For their April wedding, Lindsey and Craig decided they wanted a day that reflected the things they love – the groom’s tattoos, music, films and books. The cerebration was held at St. Andrew’s in the Square, a beautiful 18th Century restored church right in the heart of Glasgow.

“We met on 13 April 2003 and were married on the same day exactly 10 years later”, began the bride. “It was the eve of Craig’s 19th birthday and our first conversation was about Radiohead. The inspiration for our wedding was us. We stuck to our style and things that are significant in our lives and tried not to do anything that didn’t feel right. We sourced suppliers that we thought could get on board with our ideas and get excited about them as much as we were.”

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 091

“One particular secret inspiration was the groom’s tattoos (which his father does not know he has)”, she continued. “He has a set of swallows on his chest and the left side has my initial integrated into the tattoo. My garter had a silver swallow sewn on, the girls had a swallow as their hair accessory and my sister drew these on the welcome sign as well as integrating them into the cake decoration. Having little details like that really helped make the day our day.”

Alternative Wedding Photographer UK Scotland Mirrorbox Lindsey Craig 147

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Awesome Wedding Stationery Guaranteed

Invitation suite 7

It only takes a quick Google to see that wedding stationery is big business. Lists of “10 of the most creative wedding invitations EVER” seem to pop up with frightening regularity and I often find myself wondering what someone will think of next. The old cliché that your invitations ‘set the tone of your day’ is one that’s in no hurry to be dispelled, with many couples crafting and designing for months to get theirs as perfect – and unique – as possible.

But what if, like me, you’re not so good with a paint brush and the idea of dressing up as a zombie for a hilarious pre-wedding shoot is your idea of hell? (Don’t get me wrong, I love zombie wedding stuff, I’m just not in a hurry to make myself look like one). Are you destined for cookie cutter, boring and generic wedding stationery forever? Are you heck!

Invitation suite 3

Priding themselves on their quirky and creative designs, Minted is the place to go if you want personalised wedding stationery without the hard graft. Every item is created by an independent designer, and a portion of every sale goes directly to them. By buying through this website you’re not only getting affordable personalised wedding stationery, you’re supporting independent and hard-working freelance designers – yey!

One of the many benefits of going through Minted is that you can search through hundreds of styles and designers all in one easy to navigate place. But even more than that, you get access to their famed Perfection Team who pride themselves on amazing customer service and making sure that each and every couple they work with is 100% satisfied. You’ll be is matched with a dedicated team who will help you every step of the way – from etiquette advice to design tips and inspiration.

Save the dates 1

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The Real “Non Wedding”, An Elopement at Home: Alicia & Phill

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-198

A lot of you will no doubt remember Whit and Colby’s ‘Non Wedding’ shoot by the incredible Brooke Davis. It was one of my most popular wedding features of all time, and weirdly, sparked quite a bit of debate. But to those that said it was an irrelevant shoot with no real meaning to actual brides and grooms – today I present to you Alicia and Phill. After seeing those images not only booked Brooke to shoot their elopement, but went for their very own ‘Non Wedding’ theme – a secret ceremony and a party in their own back garden. Inspiration is everywhere.

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-54

Having a small and personal wedding was important to these two and they only invited people that mean a lot to them and their relationship to take part in the day. ”We were inspired by Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s wedding in Hawaii and of course the ‘Non Wedding’ shoot by Brooke!” Alicia began. “Everyone that was invited have either lived with us at one point or was there for the hardest parts of our relationship.”

“We had a secret ceremony. It was a Wednesday and we didn’t really care at all about traditions, we just wanted to be true to who we are as a couple, and not make a big stressful deal about it. We just wanted to peaceful say our vows without any nervousness of who would hear them.”  

blush photography-wedding-alicia-phil-67

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