Quirky and Colourful Handmade Wedding: Netty & Andy


Netty and Andy were married in Northampton during August. They wanted their wedding to be colourful and fun. “We picked wedding suppliers that were really arty and talented”, began the bride. “Our photographer, Hannah of Casey Avenue, was both creative and quirky which suited our style perfectly.”


Hattie & Flora did our flowers and took our colourful brief and ran with it! By having such great suppliers our wedding was really relaxed and really ‘us’. It was such a lovely celebration, and apart from being a bit nervous, we didn’t feel stressed. It wasn’t too fussy, we just had a really good party.”


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Eclectic East End Wedding Tea Party: Cassandra & Howard

Robbins Photographic The Roost Dalston East London-65

Cassandra and Howard were married at The Roost in Dalston, London, a photographic studio and shooting location. Because it wasn’t a traditional wedding venue it meant their whole day was really chilled out and non-traditional, but also that they could completely plan it the way they wanted. “We’d had a really small and intimate wedding ceremony in Cornwall with just our immediate families so we wanted to throw a vintage wedding tea party for friends and relatives here in London”, began the bride.

“The Roost was an amazing find. It’s a former Victorian pub in deepest, darkest Dalston converted into a four floor photographic and film shoot location. My heart skipped a beat the first time we viewed it. It was perfect. I just loved the eclectic vintage vibe and ‘out there’ style of the place. From the gorgeous House Of Hackney wallpapers, to the giant props, old film posters and quirky paintings on the wall. We were just blown away.”

Robbins Photographic The Roost Dalston East London-491

The majority of this wedding was DIY. The bride homemade all the cakes, bought flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market and designed and screen printed the invitations herself. “Well, it wouldn’t be a tea party without cake would it?” Cassandra laughed. “I do a bit of part time baking at Lily Vanilli’s East London bakery, and was determined to do all my own cakes – I’m always up for a challenge (although everyone thought I was mad). For the cake table I made a mixed berry vanilla sponge cake, devil’s good cake, cherry bakewells, moustache cookies, mini chocolate Guinness bundt cakes, marmalade loaf cakes, brownies, rocky road squares, scones and a cupcake tower with cupcakes bejeweled with pomegranate seeds and edible crystalised flowers.”

Robbins Photographic The Roost Dalston East London-177

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Heavy Metal Estonian Wedding: Inge & Janar


Inge and Janar’s €6000 wedding was held in the ruins of Padise Monastery, in Estonia. The day was a DIY affair with the mother of the bride making Inge’s dress, and all the reception décor being crafted and pulled together by the couple themselves.


“I suppose our wedding was a bit country-themed, although we didn’t agree on any theme in particular”, explained the bride. “Both locations were surrounded by nature and wildlife and that’s where our inspiration came from. We decided just to pick a colour we both liked for our wedding so we went for purple.”


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Marriage Mantras: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

gareth & kat (15)

A few years ago, before Gareth and I were married, I became good friends with Hannah*. She was one of those effortlessly beautiful girls, someone who you’d do a double take at if you saw her walking down the street. She was tall, stylish, funny, confident and, quite frankly, everything I wasn’t. We had mutual friends and we hit it off immediately, quickly spending a lot of our time together. She was single and the two of us would go out most weekends, making a little mischief but most of all just having a damn good time.

It was no secret that I was quite jealous of her. I wanted to be her… badly. There was just one thing I had that she didn’t – a long term boyfriend. Girl to girl rivalry is a weird phenomenon, and although I’d never wish anything bad for her, I did feel quite smug in the fact that even though she was so darn right perfect (in my eyes) I was the one in a relationship.

4. Comparison is the Thief of Joy

That all changed when she met James*. Their relationship quickly became serious and they couldn’t get enough of each other. They were one of those couples that were very comfortable being over-affectionate in public. They were clearly obsessed with each other and it showed. Hannah even got a tattoo of his name on the top of her back within two weeks!

It sounds terrible, but I was crazy jealous. Gareth and I had a fantastic relationship, but I was completely envious of their passionate, overtly sexual affair. They would shout and scream at each other loudly in the street but then be snogging uncontrollably five minutes later. There was something so wild and dramatic about their relationship, and in my slightly warped early 20s mind, this seemed very appealing.

gareth & kat (37)

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Laid Back Weekend Wedding: Rebecca & Bentley


Rebecca and Bentley’s low key and relaxed wedding was held at Celebrations in Moseley, Virginia. They had a full weekend of festivities, starting with a picnic on Saturday, a brunch together on the Sunday morning and the wedding ceremony and main reception on the Sunday afternoon.


“We wanted a wedding that was laid back, light and airy, so we tried to reflect that in the decorations, music and food”, explained the bride. “It also happened to fall on Bastille Day, so we had a sort of French theme as well. We loved the whole vibe of our day. Everyone had such a good time and still talks about how much fun they had. We have friends and family who are still telling us it’s the best wedding they went to, and that’s because we wanted to make sure our guests really had an awesome time. We made a whole weekend out of it so by the time of the wedding, people who had never previously met were hanging out, dancing, and having a great time!”


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Thursday Treats: Glitz at The Ritz

wedding blog awards rocknrollbride

It was two days ago, but I’m pretty sure I’m still hungover after the Wedding Blog Awards on Tuesday night. Give me a break though, I won two awards and I was in the mood to celebrate!

I was so surprised/over-excited when some dude from Made in Chelsea (I had no idea who he was but he was very lovely) called my name as the winner of the Best Real Life Weddings and Best Alternative Blog awards. We were also named as the highly commended winner of the Best Designed Blog (so well done Shauna and Gareth!)


Thank you to everyone who voted for me, the panel for selecting me and of course everyone at Wedding Magazine for throwing such a damn good party. Hanging out at The Ritz really isn’t a terrible way to spend a evening. The goodie bags were also quite frankly ridiculous – scented candles, Swarovski rings, gold plated roses and more cosmetics than my bathroom can possibly contain. Ah-maze.

wedding blog awards rocknrollbride1

The bathrooms were also pink. I clearly fit right in.

Next week will feel so dull in comparison.

Oh and before you say it, yes BOOBS. I had so much boobage going on in this dress. Ah well, if you’ve got ‘em and all that…

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peach wedding

Photography: Mark Brooke Photography

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