Laid Back Lithuanian Wedding: Elita & Tadas

Elita+Tadas_LinaAidukePhoto 010

Elita and Tadas were married in Vilnius, Lithuania. The ceremony was in a local church and the reception at Vilnius Old Town Art Gallery. The couple had originally booked an old manor house as their party venue but just five days before the wedding, for personal reasons, they had to quickly change it. So their original plan of a grand countryside wedding became an intimate, urban one.

Elita+Tadas_LinaAidukePhoto 053

The theme for the day was subtle – chestnuts. They had them in their stationery and they also planted a tree after the ceremony, in the same place that they went for their first date. With each invitation the bride included a personal poem, which she wrote for each guest individually. Instead of a guest book, they couple asked their guests to return the favour.

The wedding was easy-going and laid back with plenty of love, smiles and dancing.

Elita+Tadas_LinaAidukePhoto 117

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Glamorous Rocker Wedding: Ben & Samantha


Ben and Samantha met at a gig. Ben’s English accent caught Sam’s attention and they started chatting. Ben is in a band himself, Asking Alexandria, and so music was a big part of their wedding theme. They nicknamed the wedding ‘Asking Samantha’ and there were musical and British references throughout. Ben wore a jacket with the Union Jack on the back, and the groom’s cake was Big Ben!


“Our inspiration came from me wanting it to show our personalities”, wrote Samantha. “He’s in a rock band and I’m a yoga teacher. I thought it would be cool if we had a rocker theme but kept it elegant as well. I was right. It was absolutely perfect! It was an evening wedding so the ceremony was at sunset and the reception was all dark but with red lights and candles everywhere. The dark red flowers next to white and black candles was what made it dark and mysterious, hence, rocker theme.”


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Norwegian Wedding with Spectacular Views: Connie & Terry


Connie and Terry’s Norwegian wedding was held at Ramsbergstunnet, a banquet hall with incredible mountain views. Their day was laid back and relaxed and they really just wanted everyone to have a great time. They started the day with a humanist ceremony and concluded with an epic party, and open bar and old school tunes played on vinyl.


“Terry and Connie chose their venue as they lovely the views over the area, they both have a keen interest in nature and love travelling the world seeing the sites together”, wrote wedding photographer Sassy of Assassynation. “That’s also a big reason why they chose to have a humanist outdoor ceremony despite Bergen being an area prone to rain. But the weather held off and they managed to pull off their dream ceremony. During the ceremony they had a singer who performed a totally gorgeous version of Wild Horses by The Stones. It was a really moving moment.”


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Marriage Mantras: Letters From my Mother

mum and dad rocknrollbride

When Gareth and I got married, there was one couple we really looked up to as an amazing example, a benchmark if you will, of a successful marriage – my parents. They not only got married around the same age as I did (at 24) but they have now been married for over 30 years. Although their backgrounds were quite different (my Mum grew up in Dublin and my Dad in the UK) we admire how they always seem so happy and in love, even after all those years.

As a child, I don’t ever remember them fighting. As the oldest of three girls, I got in trouble a lot (especially as a teenager – yes, I was absolutely terrible) but they were always a team. They never allowed themselves to be played off each other. At the time this was incredibly frustrating (I honestly couldn’t get away with anything!) but looking back that’s another thing I deeply respect about them. It’s definitely something Gareth and I have learnt from them too – we are Team Williams all the way!

So as we’re just over the halfway point to this Marriage Mantras series I thought it might be kind of awesome to have a chat with my Mum and see if she had any secrets to spill. She is also a trained marriage counsellor so if anyone knows what makes for a happy and successful long term partnership, its her!

You and Dad have been married for over 30 years! What’s your secret?

We are compatible on many levels and we like and admire each other a lot, as well as loving each other. We love our family and our friends but we also enjoy being on our own. We want the same things out of life too, despite our very different backgrounds.

Yet we are not identical clones! Our gifts compliment each other so that together we are a stronger team.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt since being married?

We are both loveable, we both have significance and we can make a difference to others. We are accepted as we are – ‘warts & all’ as Dad says…

Why should people get married at all? What’s the difference from just living together?

Marriage is a public, legal, emotional and spiritual declaration of your love for and commitment to each other. Unlike just being in a long term relationship its not easy to get married – or to walk away from a marriage – so it shows your intention to love each other through thick and thin, for better for worse.

Being in a committed relationship can also make a big difference to our self esteem and our sense of being significant and loveable.

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Beach Front Wedding with the Bride Arriving on a Zipline: Joanna & Stephen

Jo & Steve zipwire_michelle waspe photography-417

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday! The wedding of Joanna and Stephen was held at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay, but instead of just walking down the aisle, Joanna and her father zipwired from the clifftop above down on to the beach. AH-MAZING!

Jo & Steve zipwire_michelle waspe photography-158

“We have been together for nearly 10 years and did not feel that a traditional wedding suited us, we are both quirky and creative and we really wanted a wedding that encompassed that”, began Joanna. “We wanted our guests to have fun, we wanted them to not have to think, just turn up and be guided by our excellent ushers and best men to each part of the day. We wanted the day to be an event, to showcase us and our family and friends. The entrance via zipline was so exciting and my Dad and I really felt like James Bonds as we abseiled down to the beach. My Dad hates heights so he did incredibly well! The whole beach when silent before we descended and as soon as our feet left the platform the whole beach cheered!”

Jo & Steve zipwire_michelle waspe photography-359

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Thursday Treats: OMG Australia, Here I Come!

road trip

I have no idea what’s in store for me over the next three and a half weeks. Having such a packed schedule recently means that I’ve had little to no time to research much of what Gala, Shauna and I will be getting up to while we’re down under. Thank goodness for Virgo friends who obsessively arrange everything on your behalf! All I do know is the week before our first class in Brisbane I’ve been promised a spa day, surfing lessons, koala cuddling and zip-wiring through a rainforest. WHAT!? Oh you bet ya I’ll be reporting back on all this stuff when I return.

I fly out of Heathrow tomorrow afternoon and after a 7 hour flight to Dubai and a 14 and a half (GROAN!) hour jaunt to Brisbane I touch down on Sunday night, just past midnight. The time zone difference is kinda messing with my mind a little but thank goodness I just treated myself to a swanky new Samsung laptop which will keep me plenty entertained on my epic journey (I’m obsessed with it!)

I’ve worked my little bloggy butt off in preparation for this trip. It’s the longest one we’ve done for The Blogcademy so far and I know I’m going to miss Gareth, Henry and Rachel like crazy but at least the blog will be ticking over nicely! The post schedule won’t be changing while I’m gone, with two posts still going up every weekday and even a couple on the weekends, so don’t go anywhere ya here?!

As usual you’ll be able to follow my obnoxious travel updates via Twitter and Instagram too. OMG I am just so excited. See you soon Australia!

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Photography: Blue Window Creative

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