Happy New Year!

happy new year 2013

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Hurrah! A new year is upon us – full of infinite possibilities and exciting opportunities a-plenty! January is one of my favourite months of the year. Setting some goals, making some plans and generally getting over excited for the year ahead is one of my favourite things to do.

So once your hangover has subsided (how’s everyone feeling by the way!?) I’d encourage you to sit and write down some tangible goals for your business and/or your blog for the year ahead. Maybe you want to ramp up your readership, charge more for your services or start a new project? Remember to make your goals achievable and measurable so you can keep track of how you’re doing. So instead of saying “I want to earn more money”, think “I’d like to charge £100 extra per service by June”. That way, as you start to edge closer to your self-opposed deadline, you can see, without a shadow of a doubt, if you’re on the right track or not. If not – don’t worry – just change the goal posts a little. You – and only you – are in charge of your destiny after all!

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Business Bites: We’re all Still Alive Right?

christmas cookies

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I would imagine that most of you are winding down for Christmas today, and that if you haven’t knocked off already then today is probably your last day of work. HURRAH! But the internet has been awash with great business advice this week – I think everyone’s thinking about next year and how they’re going to make everything so much better!

Assuming the world hasn’t ended today (we’re all still here right?) let’s use this new age to make our 2013 plans. I’m personally so ready to forge into 2013 with renewed vigour!

♥ Is it time for you to stop dabbling and get serious?
♥ Previsualizing
♥ The blogger’s guide to cutting your losses
♥ Ridiculous is the new remarkable
♥ Gala’s been blogging for six years! Her post about it is hella inspiring. Get out there and do what makes you happy!
♥ 15 social media mistakes that are strangling your success
Most advice is bad advice
♥ Legal questions for photographers

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Achievements & Pride

red hair crown

Another year draws to a close and it’s the perfect opportunity for some self-reflection. I love making plans and I’m so excited about what 2013 has in store for me – and you! – but I also love looking back and acknowledging some of the things I’ve achieved. It’s good for the soul.

I’d love for you to share some of the things you’re proud to have achieved in the last year and I’d also love to know what your goals are for the next 365 days… Go on, don’t be shy, I’ll start.

Thank you 2012 for…

♥ The Green Room, which we launched on January 3rd. This secondary section of the blog has been immensely fulfilling to work on and to see grow. Opening up my writing and my (sometimes weird) ideas to a whole new audience was the catalyst for a lot of the exciting opportunities that have come my way this year.

♥ The Blogcademy. Who would have thought that doing some small workshops around the UK and a little bit of guest speaking would have lead to such a life changing, career altering project!? I am immensely proud of what Gala, Shauna and I have done with it so far and I literally can’t wait to develop it even further in 2013! Working with those girls is amazing.

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Beat the Bullies

The week after anti bullying week, both my daughters experienced incidents of bullying at school. They are aged 7 and 4 and that Friday, we sat down at the kitchen table and discussed bullying and what we can do about it. Now they are both fairly feisty and have handled this situation well, but halfway through telling telling them ways I think they can stop this, I realised that actually they never will.

We were all looking at this as a playground issue and thinking that outside of school it doesn’t exist but of course, sadly it does. I can’t give them a magic formula that means they will never face this again because I know for a fact that they will. I am a grown up and it still happens to me. My friend Nikky who is very fabulous, very self assured and very successful in LA was there and said yes, thinking about it this also happens to her. There is a guy in her building trying to bully her right now. So I told my little girls that bullying is something that people will try to do to you your whole life and the only thing you can control is how you react to it.

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Business Bites: Properly Preparing for 2013

Photography Credit: Lendryggen

Welcome to another delicious instalment of Business Bites – ha!

How’s your December going so far? 2013 is not long off so I hope you’ve all been making your business plans and setting yourself some goals for the year ahead. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do (nerd!)

If you’ve been putting it all off or struggling with what to plan, I wrote an article on this very topic for this month’s Photo Professional Magazine (I have a monthly column dontyaknow?) If you don’t subscribe to this magazine and you’e a wedding photographer then shame on you! My article includes some great examples and some really practical advice about what you should be doing right now to ensure success in 2013. If I was you I’d pick up a copy today! You can order it online or buy it in all large WH Smiths’.

AND if that’s not enough to tempt you, Photo Professional are currently offering a whooping 52% off yearly subscriptions. Simply use the promo code PPSM when you order!

Now here’s some other links that I’ve been pouring over this week…

How to be the perfect intern
Bloggers deserve to be paid for their work (YES! There is nothing more frustrating than big companies just offering you ‘exposure’)
How to get big names to know your name
How to win the hearts of bloggers
♥ Design like Apple, but name like P&G
♥ Shauna shared her media kit insights and published some of the The Blogcademy media kit prettiness!

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6 Ways to Stop Procrastination & ACTUALLY Get Things Done

What are you procrastinating over right now?! Come on, admit it, you’re putting something off and reading this post instead aren’t you?!


I am in NO WAY perfect at this, in fact I’ve put off writing this post for longer than I’d care to admit. Oh the sweet irony. There is of course nothing wrong with a little escape from time to time, but if you procrastinate too much and you’re really not getting the important things done, you’ll end up in a constant negative spiral of putting things off. Not achieving the things that you know you have to is a sure-fire route to I-suck-at-life-ville. And no one wants to live there. So what can you do to stop the dreaded procrastin-monster and actually get things done already?!

1. Have a schedule… and stick to it!

You need to have a proper schedule in place for anything that needs regular attention – I’m talking emails, editing, blogging, creating invoices… all those tasks that you really don’t like doing but you know you have to. Not having a schedule is probably the biggest cause of procrastination because without one it’s all too easy to keep putting things off. Make sure you set aside a certain time each day/week/month to do each task. Remember no-one is going to do these things for you or make sure you stick to your plan, so first and foremost you need to be accountable for yourself.

I also recently read that it takes three months for a new habit to form, so be sure to stick at it. Eventually keeping on top of these things will become second nature.

2. Eat the frog

Gala wrote a great blog post about the ‘eat the frog’ concept, which states that the key to getting things done is to start with the hardest, worst or least enjoyable jobs first. Basically you need to eat that biggest, ugliest frog before anything else.

“In fact, one of the basic tenets of the book is that you will NEVER GET EVERYTHING DONE”, Gala writes. “Isn’t that kind of a relief to hear?! Brian Tracy’s thinking is that since you’ll never get it all done, you simply need to prioritise what is really important…”

So instead of fannying about and spending a whole day working though the little, easy or more enjoyable tasks, start your day with the worst job first. You’ll feel a real sense of achievement when it’s done and much better equipt to get through the rest of your ‘to do’ list.

3. Break things into bite-sized chunks

There is nothing worse than looking at a huge stretch of seemingly never-ending work. It’s all too overwhelming. Smaller tasks are much easier to complete so you’re less likely to put them off. So instead of looking at the bigger picture, break each task into smaller, more manageable chunks and work your way through methodically. If, after breaking things down, you’re still putting them off then break them down even further until you’re completing micro tasks without even thinking about it.

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