6 Ways to Stop Procrastination & ACTUALLY Get Things Done

What are you procrastinating over right now?! Come on, admit it, you’re putting something off and reading this post instead aren’t you?!


I am in NO WAY perfect at this, in fact I’ve put off writing this post for longer than I’d care to admit. Oh the sweet irony. There is of course nothing wrong with a little escape from time to time, but if you procrastinate too much and you’re really not getting the important things done, you’ll end up in a constant negative spiral of putting things off. Not achieving the things that you know you have to is a sure-fire route to I-suck-at-life-ville. And no one wants to live there. So what can you do to stop the dreaded procrastin-monster and actually get things done already?!

1. Have a schedule… and stick to it!

You need to have a proper schedule in place for anything that needs regular attention – I’m talking emails, editing, blogging, creating invoices… all those tasks that you really don’t like doing but you know you have to. Not having a schedule is probably the biggest cause of procrastination because without one it’s all too easy to keep putting things off. Make sure you set aside a certain time each day/week/month to do each task. Remember no-one is going to do these things for you or make sure you stick to your plan, so first and foremost you need to be accountable for yourself.

I also recently read that it takes three months for a new habit to form, so be sure to stick at it. Eventually keeping on top of these things will become second nature.

2. Eat the frog

Gala wrote a great blog post about the ‘eat the frog’ concept, which states that the key to getting things done is to start with the hardest, worst or least enjoyable jobs first. Basically you need to eat that biggest, ugliest frog before anything else.

“In fact, one of the basic tenets of the book is that you will NEVER GET EVERYTHING DONE”, Gala writes. “Isn’t that kind of a relief to hear?! Brian Tracy’s thinking is that since you’ll never get it all done, you simply need to prioritise what is really important…”

So instead of fannying about and spending a whole day working though the little, easy or more enjoyable tasks, start your day with the worst job first. You’ll feel a real sense of achievement when it’s done and much better equipt to get through the rest of your ‘to do’ list.

3. Break things into bite-sized chunks

There is nothing worse than looking at a huge stretch of seemingly never-ending work. It’s all too overwhelming. Smaller tasks are much easier to complete so you’re less likely to put them off. So instead of looking at the bigger picture, break each task into smaller, more manageable chunks and work your way through methodically. If, after breaking things down, you’re still putting them off then break them down even further until you’re completing micro tasks without even thinking about it.

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Business Bites: Self Promotion, Slideshows & Blogging Tips from the Best

Photography Credit: Emilie Guelpa

We’re all gearing up for Christmas, but you know me, I’m always on the hunt for business related articles that I can learn from. I’m excited for Christmas, but almost more than that, I’m chomping at the bit to get into 2013 and to progress my business further! What about you?!

There’s been some good stuff online this week and I’m feeling SO inspired!

♥ Shauna asks, does blogging & self promotion make me vain?
♥ Confusing lucky with good
♥ One for wedding photographers – Jasmine talks though how she makes a same day slideshow
♥ Competition and being the ‘only’
♥ Free webinar – 10 things I wish I’d known about blogging when I started
♥ One sure-fire way to build a strong brand 

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Dealing with the December Slump & Making Those New Year’s Resolutions

It’s December – everybody is gearing up for Christmas and I mean everyone. It’s like the world stands still and gets covered in fairy lights and glitter. I love Christmas so much that we are always the first people in our street to put up our tree and I totally wind down on work so that I can make the most of this magical family time of year.

What’s important to bear in mind is that your potential clients are doing the exact same thing… Year after year I find that once the leaves start descending from the trees – from around October onwards – the enquiries seem to slow up and get a little less serious. The amount of folk wanting to negotiate on price seems to dramatically go up too and I know that I am not alone in experiencing this. It has been a hot topic in the facebook group for the photographers that have been to Photography Farm in recent weeks, and I have had emails and DMs from other photographers seeking advice on this as well. I have covered discounting before in the Green Room so this article isn’t about that. Instead I want to encourage you to see the bigger picture. I’ve been doing this a long time and I noticed this same pattern year after year. My typical year for enquiries goes a little something like this…

Jan-March: Panic Bookers for that Summer
March-Sept: Organised Bookers for the following Summer
Oct-Dec: Casual Enquiries for the following Summer

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Business Bites: Getting your Business Healthy

Photography Credit: Aline Caron

This week I’ve been seriously considering doing a juice cleanse. Now I’m not one for fad diets and I generally hate talking about anything to do with weight loss but – EUGH – I don’t half feel in desperate need of a detox at the moment. I blame Bri but I think I’m going to see how she gets on before I go into it wholeheartedly! Have you ever done a juice cleanse? What kind of results did you see/feel?

Well apart from thinking about getting my body healthy (that’s half way there right?!) I’ve also been reading a load of things which I hope will help get my business in tip top shape. There seems to be a lot online this week about facing burn-out and how to avoid putting things off… I guess it’s not just me then!

♥ How to Avoid Procrastination
♥ Secrets of successful yoga studios, and tactics to examine ideas that suck aka 5 Steps to Have a Career that Makes the World a Better Place
♥ Burnt Out vs. Time for a Change (YES!)
♥ (An oldie but a goodie) What do you do when doubt everything and just want to stay in bed?
How do you end things with a repeating client?
Soul Selling – My position on sponsored posts and advertising – really interesting reading for bloggers and their readers & advertisers alike
♥ I’m so proud of my girl Emma right now

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The Treadmill

Photography Credit: Olivia Locher

Sometimes I sit here and feel like a failure.

I have a job I love, a husband that makes me so incredibly happy, and a life I never thought I would… but still… sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I’m a fraud. Like it’s all a front. Like it probably won’t last. Like it’s not real life or something.

I don’t know… do you ever just feel a little bit lost? That the constant pressure for perfection and to ‘be the best’ makes your head spin?

Sometimes I just want to throw my computer out the window and actually BREATHE. The constant need to reinvent, reinvigorate and revolutionise can be exhausting. But it’s vital for any long standing success and sometimes that pressure can be really intense. It feels a bit like running on a treadmill that’s constantly speeding up. I just hope that it doesn’t spin so fast that one day I fall off.

I don’t want this post to be a negative one and I don’t want you to think that I’m complaining… But I guess I just really want to tell myself – and you – that sometimes it’s actually OK to sit back and to have that time to breathe.

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Business Bites: Gratitude, Email & Education

Photography Credit: via The Raw Teacher

I wanted to introduce a links post in the same vein as Thursday Treats the Green Room, and so after umming & ahhing over the perfect name, I thought to hell with it, I’ll just keep it simple, cheesy and memorable. So behold Business Bites!

It also means I’ll get to drool over food porn in my hunt for an image to illustrate this article every week, but that’s just an added bonus.

Here are some of my favourite inspirational, informative and downright useful business related links that I’ve been mulling over this week. Enjoy!

♥ Can a photographer price his worth? (totally relevant to everyone)
♥ If you run your own business and you suck with email, read this nowWhy don’t people email you back?
♥ It’s important to to make note of when things go right
The downside of gratitude
♥ More college degrees?! What do YOU really want?

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