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I don’t even like chocolate, but this looks utterly delicious.

As well as dreaming of stodgy food all week, I’ve been browsing around on your behalf. Grab a cuppa (and maybe some cake?!) and get stuck in why don’t ya..?

♥ Fabulous article on dealing with imitations 
♥ Desperate measures? Bloggers faking VIP status by paying for their own swag
What you can learn from eight top wedding bloggers (nice to be included, thanks Heidi!)
♥ Everyone has the potential to do something great, even ‘those people
Finding balance when writing features for your blog.

“While it’s important to have a defined niche that your content revolves around, if you wind your blog too tightly around a singular subject, it can become very dry and insular. Always use your niche as a guide — think of it as a bull’s eye in the middle of a dart board. But then, throw some darts a little further outside of the center.” Shauna Haider

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In the Beginning…


Being at the start of something is an exciting but frustrating time. You have all these ideas and you’re full of enthusiasm (exciting!) but you feel like you’re often held back by your lack of experience, connections or knowledge (frustrating!) A brand new business is like a blank sheet of paper. It can become anything and everything you want it to. It’s full of potential and endless possibilities… you just have to start writing.

If you’re just getting started with your business, instead of feeling like you’re always going to be ten steps behind, I’d implore you to take advantage of this important time.

You’re not jaded

I don’t want to sound cynical, but in any career there will come a time when you start to feel frustrated with something to do with it. However when you’re at the beginning this is way, way off. As a newbie you have no baggage and no wounds that need to heal. Use this time and your positive attitude to really propel yourself forward. Just be sure to remember this feeling when you’re an old cynic like the rest of us!


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In the Beginning…

Ten Things I Learnt at The Blogcademy


The Blogcademy has been a life changing new direction for me and my career. Making the decision to teach others was not an easy one and was something that the three of us knew would take some time to perfect. Going into something thinking you have nothing to learn yourself is a fast-track route to failure. In fact I haven’t learnt quite as much about myself, or the way to run a business successfully, in such a short space of time… er ever.

1. Build a strong team

When you go into any new venture, it’s vital to have co-workers that you can trust. Even if you’re going it alone, it’s unlikely that you will be able to do everything yourself. Be sure to hire or collaborate with people who have the same overall vision as you. You need to openly discuss your objectives early on to make sure you’re all on the same page and have the same ultimate goals.

Communication is key. Be sure to talk through any issues or concerns right away – as soon as you feel them arising. Being open and honest about these things with not only help to maintain a healthy working relationship, but will allow your team to help you work through any personal concerns along the way.


2. Not all advice will be good advice

Asking for feedback from past customers or collaborators is a necessary evil. Sometimes it’s all to easy to bury our heads in the sand and aimlessly convince ourselves that we’ve done a perfect job. But perfection takes time (in reality it will never be met!) and although you may already be aware of areas that need improving in your business, asking for feedback from people who you know will give it to you honestly us a great way to grow. But it can be tough to hear – especially if you feel you’ve worked really hard and put your all into something. It can seem like people are picking holes in everything you’ve done, but they may have noticed things you didn’t and may offer you some really valuable advice about how to improve things next time.

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Announcements, Changes, Reminders & Shout Outs

blogcademy shell de mar

Just a little note to let you all know, I’ll be switching over the majority of my coverage of The Blogcademy to The Green Room from now on. The reason being that I anticipate that these posts will be of most interest to the people reading the business and personal updates on my blog rather than the weddings. So make sure you’re checking in here regularly if this kind of stuff floats your boat.

Portland & Los Angeles venues

Plenty has been going on behind the turquoise curtain since London. We did a soft launch of our next cities last month so the eager ones amongst you could plan ahead and now we’re able to finally share all the nitty gritty details, starting with the most important thing – the venues!

I’m thrilled to let you all know that the Portland event will be taking place at the uber cool The Cleaners at Ace Hotel (and there’s a photo booth in the lobby!) with the LA leg going down at Beachwood Studios slap bang in the middle of Hollywood. Oh yes, I can’t wait to get me some of that Californian sunshine!

I’m also super duper head over heels excited that the always epic Made U Look Photography will be joining us in Portland to shoot the workshop and generally hang out with us all weekend. Y’all have to meet these ladies, they are seriously inspiring. If you are interested in film and experimental photography they really are the best of the best. We love them.


Curriculum changes

In other news, after some feedback from past Blogcadets, we’ve decided to switch up some parts of the curriculum for upcoming workshops. First off, we called upon Richard Wakefield of FX Films to shoot Lisa Devlin‘s photography talk in London so that we can offer it with your ticket purchase – you’ll receive the password and can watch the video as many times as you’d like. Lisa is an award-winning photographer and has a lot packed into her talks and this will benefit you since some of the technical info can take a few viewings to get down.

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Business Bites: Strive to Learn

soda can librarySoda Can Library

Compiling this list of inspiration and business snippets is one of my favourite weekly activities. I always learn something new – often many things! Always strive to learn and better your understanding of how to best run your business, whatever level you’re at…

In other news, I’m being interviewed by Exposure Radio at 1.30pm today. If you fancy listening in you can stream it live here (must not swear, must not swear, must not swear…)


♥ Do successful women get more haters?
What successful people do with the first hour of their work day
An ad-free publishing experiment (Love this post, it raises some really interesting ideas. It’s also what we did with the print magazine. The decision to keep the magazine advert-free was a surprise to many but it’s really worked in our favour)
How to test whether your idea has a market
How to cope with those who tear you down (oh Jasmine, you are so wise)
♥ And because Jasmine is sooo on form this week, read dumpster diving and the things you do for passion
♥ Let go or get dragged
♥ Should I go back to school?
I love Emma’s two epic Q&A posts (& part two)
Demand your worth!
♥ What you need to know about Facebook’s new graph search – ahh Facebook’s done it again and we’re all up in arms! This post also explains why it’s such a drama…
♥ Should you go into business with your best friend?
♥ Can you really make money blogging!? (answer – yes, but it ain’t gonna be easy!)
♥ 21 ways to add magic to your brand and stand out as a creative
♥ Seven things to do if your blog is a deadbeat

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Photography: Devlin Photos

When you spend a long time away from home you start to miss the little things. Gareth & I are very lucky that as we work together we basically spend 100% of our time together (a blessing and a curse believe me!) Because of this, me going away for two weeks doesn’t really seem like such a huge stretch. But as my latest foreign jaunt came to a close I really started to miss home.

Adventure is magical, inspiring and wonderful, but the small home comforts are what define us and what make us who we are. They are the jumping off point for everything we strive to do and the real reason for our efforts. I work hard because I want a comfortable home life. I want to feed my little furry family and to create something we can all call our own.

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