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A photo booth at a wedding is pretty much guaranteed to result in some pretty fab photographs, but a smilebooth by Our Labor of Love takes the idea to a whole other dimension. These guys are probably one of the first photographers I remember seeing doing the quirky, props-led style photo booth and I’m sure like me you’ve seen many others follow suit since.  This set has got to be one of my favourite’s ever – Stephanie & Wil are such a awesome couple and fun guests who were clearly up for it!


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Vintage Tea Party

After the immense Blog Land popularity (in fact bordering on obsession!) of Ben Blood’s last wedding (the gorgeous treehouse affair) I was over the moon this morning when Ben sent me his newest triumph for an exclusive an first blog on Rock n Roll Bride!

Karley & Scott had a beautiful vintage tea party style wedding complete with genuine vintage finds, a vintage style gown and beautiful yellow shoes. I’m sure you’ll Ben gets pretty much only amazing clients!

073_benblood5394 copy

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Nostalgia With Silliness

When photographer Meghan described Kristine & Robert’s engagement session as 1950s nostalgia infused with silliness and some romance and style as well I was hooked! What a fabulous combination and what rock n roll cool these are!


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Retro Rockabilly

I am absolutely crazy in love with Jessica & Dave’s retro rockabilly wedding! Not wanting to stick to tradition, Jessica & proposed to Dave over a jungle themed cake! She explained: 

We had actually had no plans of ever getting married, but a few things changed and my views on the whole institution of marriage softened a bit.  I knew that I wanted to get married, but I had no idea how I was going to bring up the subject, so it just happened sort of spur of the moment.  One day we were watching Ace of Cakes, and they were making a jungle themed cake.  I studied lemurs in the rainforest of Madagascar, so I turned to Dave and said “Will you get a cake with two lemurs on top of it with me?”  and he said something to the effect of “What, wait, huh? Why? Are you asking me to marry you?”  and I said “yes!”


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DIY Ideas From Off White Weddings

I have to say sorry I haven’t been as bloggy the past few days. I have been super busy, super tired and trying to sort out some super new plans for brand Rock n Roll Bride.

Firstly I wanted to say that Rock n Roll Bride has been nominated for a Blog Award! I’m pretty excited as it’s the first one I’ve ever been considered for. I don’t know who nominated me but if it was you thanks so much! I would super duper appreciate it if you took 2 seconds to click this link and vote for me!

Secondly behold another new series – oh yes. The very gorgeous Hillary from Off White Wedding contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in sharing some of her DIY ideas with you all. After seeing her faaabulous snap station and trifle buffet on The Bride’s Cafe there was no way I was going to refuse! Hillary has put together a little tutorial to show you how you can make your very own birdcage veil. I hope you enjoy it!

♥ 25×15 in piece of tulle in whatever color you wish. Be subtle or be bold! (I got my Tulle at Joanne’s but any well stocked fabric store should have it)
♥ Hair comb, plastic or metal (I found mine at Target)
♥ Embellishment flowers of your choice in coordinating color (mine from Joann’s)
♥ Needle and matching thread to tulle (contrasting color shown in how-to so you can see it!) 

clara bouquet

♥ Cut an 15×25 piece of tulle. It’s pretty much one size fits all, I tried it on five different women and it fit everyone.

clara lean

♥ Accordion fold  the tulle across one of the 15 inch sides (fold like you would if making a paper fan)

veil-accordion fold

♥ Fold the accordion folded edge over ¼ -1/2 inch and secure with a few stitches of thread.  Repeat with other 15 inch side.

veil fold

♥ Make a running stitch every inch or so (just in and out of the tulle) on the top edge of the tulle on the 25 inch side. 

veil running stitch

♥ Pull the thread so the tulle gathers all together snugly at the top and stitch together so it’s a small little bunch of tulle. You have essentially gathered the top edge of the tulle and both of the side edges, leaving the bottom edge alone

veil edges sewn together

♥ Sew the bunched up tulle onto the middle of the comb, sewing in and out of the teeth of the comb.

veil front of combveil back of comb stiching

♥ Attach embellishment flowers by sewing them onto the tulle. 

veil flower stitchclara back of veilclara back of veil 2clara side view

Thanks to much to Hillary for all her hard work on this!

Photo Credit: Jess Epstein
DIY Tutorial by: Off White Wedding

I would love to share more DIY tutorials (with a rock n roll twist of course!) on the blog. If you are interested in contributing, don’t be shy – just drop me and email already!

Love, Love Me Do…

The Beatles had it right you know…Love Me Do Photography are worth writing home about. I am starting to become their very own personal blog stalker and seem to end up sharing everything they shoot!

Courtney & Justin had an eco friendly wedding at The Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA.

We were amazed with the subtle natural aesthetic and the charming vintage vibe. It is a historic mill that sits in a rhododendron-lined woodland valley right alongside Ridley Creek the couple explained.


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