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Lil Pixie Chic

Are you freakin’  kidding me with these images!? I am in love..and I actually want to be this girl..she’s just like a cute little pixie

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Hippy Chic

I’m afraid I have no info about this wedding but I couldn’t resist a quick post.  This ceremony just looks so special and personal and the location is fantastic!

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Jessica Johnston

There is some fabulous photography over at Jessica Johnston’s website and blog.  We actually used some of her images as inspiration for our own engagement shoot so I thought I’d head back over there to see what else she’s been up to since then.  I just love this wedding, or more specifically the portraits of the couple.  Kenan and Ro are clearly both very photogenic, resulting in some truly spectacular and awe inspiring photography.  I just love them – breathtaking, romantic and tranquil.

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