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An Engagement Session on Steriods

Part two of today’s love for The Philippines comes in the form of these stunning images sent by Jeffroger Kho. Arthur & Sheilan are one seriously cool couple and I am nuts about that purple dress!

Jeffroger described this session as ‘an engagement session on steriods’ and I certainly have to agree. It’s not everyday a photographer shoots a couple in a spooky, abandoned house that looks like it belongs on an Asian horror movie set or on a windswept beach standing in a box and wrapped in clingfilm! These shots seriously wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue and I am smitten.


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Elegant & Quirky

I’m having a bit of a Philippines love fest today because as many of you will know I seem to adore everything that comes out of that country. The photographic style is so elegant yet so quirky, so fashion-let but so personal. Love love love.

I’m starting off with newbie photographer Joey Boquiren who sent me Filmore & Margaux’ engagement session…now tell me I’m wrong! Super stylish yet super sweet and personal right? Faaabulous


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A Match Made in Rock n Roll Heaven

When one of my favourite photographers, Matt Miller, joined on of my favourite photographic teams, Our Labor of Love, I just knew it’d be a match made in heaven – even more so now because they only went and shot his wedding! Matt and his new wife Danielle are the epitomization of what Rock n Roll Bride stands for – kick ass, rock n roll and individuality in weddings!

I am so excited to share their wedding and bring you the full report on the day soon but to whet your appetite, I couldn’t resist a little preview in the form of their Smilebooth. There is almost just too much tattoo awesomeness on show here. Oh yeah baby this is gonna be gooooooooood!


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So Smitten

Are this pair smitten or what? Well it may sound corny but my heart was totally warmed when I laid eyes on these images from Heather & Reid’s wedding. That’s what it’s all about you know – two people in lurrrrrve.


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