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Hell To The Yeah!

I’m pretty sure I’m Erica Berger’s biggest flickr stream stalker. I go on there about twice a day…you know, just in case…and boy am I glad I do. Check out these beyond awesome photographs, from a couple of her recent shoots…the lighting is absolutely second to none.

Credit: Erica Berger

Video Star – Kate & John

This may possibly be my favourite wedding video ever, because not only do the people in it seem like the kind of people I would love to hang out with and the whole wedding looks like it was a blast, but because the video just made me happy! I felt like I was watching the opening of a movie I had been dying to see for ages.

The video begins with a introduction from the Groom over scenes of the wedding (who by the way, has one of those amazing voices that just beg to be listened to) which then merges into what I can only liken to the the opening of a really amazing film.  I actually wanted to get up and dance while I was watching this!

The Bride, Kate is going to send me her wedding photographs too, which I can’t wait to share, but I just had to get this video out there straight away.  Seriously, you guys rock!

ps go watch the rest of their videos here…I’m sure you will fall in love with them too!

Our wedding video trailer. from kate massie on Vimeo.

Credit: Millsfilms

Fashion Fusion

This girl has got some wicked style! Gotta love the Hollywood glamour/Japanese fusion of her whole outfit, from the shoes to the veil to the dramatic black sash…
If you too are planning a black, white & red themed wedding, you have absolutely got to check out the rest of the wedding details. Gorgeous and inspirational!

Credit: Victor Sizemore via Casando Ideias

Tattooed Pin Up Styling

I thought you might enjoy the tattooed pin up styling of this wedding party, sent in my Jenn of Blondeshot Creative (I featured her own ‘vintage vacation’ style engagement shoot a while back too)

Credit: Blondeshot Creative

Little Diamond Necklace – The Winner!

Happy Sunday! A huge woohoo to everyone that shared links to their favourite photography inspiration, there were some amazing ones, and I will most definitely be featuring some of these wedding in the future.
So..the result you’ve all be waiting for, who has won the cute cute gorgeous gorgeous little diamond necklace? (which by the way I totally wish I could keep for myself!) Using a highly technical method, i.e asking the husband to pick a number between 1 and 46, the winner is..dum dum duuuum…

Number 17 – Eryn!

And her winning photograph….


Credit: Drothman

Congrats gorgeous, I will be emailing you for your address today! woohoooo

London In The Rain

So after we left Vana & Damien yesterday, David (hard working as ever) headed off to London’s Southwark for a fabulously moody pre-wedding shoot! The rain may have been pouring, but David was able to capture the couple and their most glorious…and I have to say, the rain water on the ground does make for some amazing light.

David said:
After a pretty dismal day, some sun made it through the clouds, before clouding over and pouring with rain as we started the shoot.

However, I’m never one to be defeated, so after we arrived in Southwark I found a rather interesting empty car park, a rough round the edges theatre bar, a nicely lit railway tunnel and grimy door to use as backdrops.

I usually reschedule if the weather looks bad, but as you can see from tonight’s shoot, a bit of rain doesn’t mean the images have to suffer!

Credit: David M McNeil