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The NOT Wedding – Results Time

As a general rule, I tend not to promote random bridal events. My personal feeling is, that if you want to go to a bridal show/sale/event you are more than capable of searching these out yourselves.  However The NOT Wedding is one bridal affair I make an exception for. Not only is the concept truly unique, but by using the awesome Our Labor Of Love to photograph the show, the results really have provided some fabulous inspiration I’m sure all you guys can enjoy. The idea behind the event was to hold a wedding show that showcased some of Atlanta’s best vendors by setting up 5 fabulous fake weddings – formal, betsey (funky and hip), California, picnic and palm beach.

For more info or to see more of these gorgeous images check out The NOT Wedding blog and the slideshow, courtesy of the fabulous photographers, Our Labor Of Love.

Credit: Our Labor Of Love

Greetings From Brazil!

Ooooh engagements from Rio de Janeiro!
Fafi & Marcelo will be getting married in October in some very traditional places in their home city, but ‘with a rock n roll twist’

Erm…I appear to have posted about a million of the images that they send me..oh well! If that’s still not enough for you, then check out the couple’s flickr page.

Credit: Sharon Eve Smith

Chic Theatre Wedding

Amanda & Clay had a simply and chic theatre wedding…I am just crazy about Amanda’s style..loving her short dress ‘n veil combo! Oh and the shot outside the hotdog stand…sweeet!

Credit: Lindsey Burroughs

Location, Location, Location

I love this engagement set for five reasons…the graffiti, the swings, the beach, the park and of course the smitten couple (I was going to list three but then I got a bit carried away.) It’s not often I get to mention so many fabulous locations in one shoot! Each destination gives the resulting images such a different feel don’t you think? 

The graffiti shots are edgy, the swings are playful, the beach is happy and the park is romantic…this contrast shows the couple in so many different lights, and I love that.

Huge kudos to Gabe of Studio seriously kicked it!