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Engagment Overload!

Remember these two fabulous weddings by Joel Flory? Well he send me some of his newest engagement shoots and how could I possibly say no to a little post? Erm…what was that I said just yesterday about not posting every single engagement set I’m sent? Well, it’s kinda difficult when they are all so good..come on…he sent me photographs with balloons!

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and for more of Tamar & Mike clicky here

Credit: Joel Flory

More Balloons!

There is something about balloons in bridal shoots..I just can’t get enough of them and they always make me smile! 
For more of this session clicky here

A huge thanks to Erin for sending these my way!

Credit: Erin Gilmore


Another little gem from one of my newest finds, Pat Dy! I am loving the use of light in these.

Credit: Pat Dy Photography

Sharing The Love

I guess it must have been pretty obvious to everyone just how much I loved MangoRED as I have now been sent some more amazing photography exported from The Philippines, from Rock n Roll Bride reader, Cely.

What I really love about the photography that seems to be emerging from The Philippines is that it is so different to the work I see coming out of Britain or The States at the moment.  The use of light in undoubtedly different in these photographs, maybe because the light literally is so different over there? Who knows, all I know is I am so happy to be able to share the work of MangoRED and Pat Dy with you, and that I most defiantly like it!

Again it is impossible for me to choose just one of Pat Dy’s weddings…so stand by for a bit of a love fest.
First up a Star Wars wedding…who says you can’t be gorgeous and geeky!?


The gorgeous MangoRED are also the subject of my guest post on Savvy Scoop this week, so head on over there for a bit and check it out too!

Edit: Dress made by Michi Calica of Toccata


 Credit: Pat Dy Photography


You were right Amanda…these most defiantly are right up my street!  I don’t know the proper technical term for it (maybe one of you photographic genius’ could help me out so I don’t feel like such a dummy!?) but I am loving the overall tone and hues used in all these images and they have an almost serene feel to them because of it. I guess I can’t explain it very well, but what I’m trying to say is that these are just so so so beautiful and I like them a lot!


Credit: Matthew Miller/The 5 Mile Grace


As I’m now back from our mini marriversary break, I figured I may as well be back with a posting-vengeance.  Gareth is in the garden attempting to mow the lawn with an inherited, half lethal, slightly sparking lawnmower (thanks Mum) so to calm my nerves I may as well mow my way through this digital stack stuff in my ‘to blog’ list…seriously, I do have a list and it’s a long one!

I get sent a lot of engagement sessions and I don’t tend to post all off them as firstly there are so damn many (!) and secondly they can all end up looking a bit ‘same same’.  However when Emma sent these my way at the back end of last week, I knew I would share them with you.  All I can think about when I look at these is how blatant it is that this couple are head over heels in love with each other!  That doesn’t always come across in some of the photographs I see…but with these there’s no doubt in my mind.  Oh Christ, look how soppy I’m getting in my old age! 
I must also send you in the direction of another engagement session by the photographer behind these images, Daley Hake, for one main reason..this yellow balloon!

Thanks so much Emma & Tim, and good luck with all your wedding planning…I will be expecting to see some amazing wedding photographs in September!


Credit: Daley Hake