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Jeff Newsom Bends Light 2

Here we go then, some more fabulous portraits from Jeff Newsom.  Seriously I love this bendy light thing…I want to be photographed with a big ol’ swirl of light wrapped around me.

Credit: Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom Bends Light 1

I have blogged the ‘rad’ (his words not mine, I most defiantly can not put off ‘rad’) Jeff Newsom a couple of times before, twice in fact and both the weddings were freakin’ awesome!  So I thought it was time I revisited his Definitive Collection of Rad blog to see what was new, and boy am I glad I did.  I now have to bright, spangly new super cool weddings to share with you. 
I love his weird and wonderful use of light in these photographs.  Can anyone tell me how the hell he does that light around the couple thing?  It’s actually amazing.

Credit: Jeff Newsom

Picnic Bride

Once Wed is one of my most favourite wedding blogs.  I especially love the real weddings posts (can you tell!?)…If you’re a fan out the outdoorys, backyard, hippy chic wedding, I urge you to clicky here and here to go check out more info on this amazing wedding she posted today (especially the Bride’s vintage embellished dress from her great-great-aunt!)

Some exciting news!  Jennifer from One Wed (Not to be confused with Once Wed!) has asked me to be a Rock n Roll guest blogger on her new blog, Savvy Scoop.  Stay tuned for more details!

Credit: Nancy Nell Via Once Wed

Chandeliers & Cupcakes

Want some more gorgeously lavish reception details to inwardly digest and then steal?  Well look no further than this bad boy from Detail Events Planning via The Bridal Bar

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Credit: Detail Events Planning via The Bridal Bar

An Actual Rockstar Wedding

Gilbert & Jenn had a totally Rockstar wedding…quite literally in fact as Jenn is in, and I quote, ‘An internationally touring Rock band…’, but apparently for privacy reasons the photographer can’t share anymore details than very disappointing!  Nevertheless, these images are stunning, this Bride is stunning, her headpiece is amazing and her dress is fantastic…need I say more?

Clicky here for a slideshow of their wedding…

Credit: Carlos Andres Varela 

All In The Details

I know you guys love to see the detail shots..well these will blow you away! I don’t know what those mini hot air balloons are all about but I know I want them…just in my living room or something, is that weird?

Credit: Carlos Andres Varela (photo), Michelle Rago (event design)