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Snow White And The Rock Star

A Snow White Bride with a guitarist Groom who met at a Velvet Revolver concert is defiantly the kind of wedding I like.  The couple went for a pin up/rock themed bash and the drummer of the band that brought them together even designed the Groom’s suit!


Suzi you are a uber cool photographer and I love. it!

Credit: TSL Photography

A Location To Die For…

…and check out their amazing wedding! What beautiful details and a to die for location!

Anna & Chris, thanks so much for sending this couple my way. I love them!

Credit: Cineart Photography

Retro Plane Chic

I have another rock star couple to bring you today. Their engagement and wedding photographs are totally deserving of a post so going to share both. I’m starting off with their pin up styleee retro shoot, complete with planes and real life pilots!

Photographers Anna and Chris took some of these with real retro lens, manual focus 30mm, 1.4 Nikkor. Oooh…

Credit: Cineart Photography

I’m A Wedding Obsessive & I Like It

As a wedding obsessive there is nothing more exciting to me than to discover a new photographer with as much talent and individuality as Kelty of Steep Street. I have featured some of her amazing shoots before and I am excited to share some more. Did you see this gorgeous Back to the Future/school reunion elsewhere? Well I did and I have been super jealous that I didn’t spot them first! Maybe this shoot will make up for that.

Self proclaimed Steep Street ambassador, Hannah send these to me and now all is forgiven…may I present to you the ultimate rock n roll bride Vanessa!

Credit: Steep Street

Alice In Wonderland

Yey for non-wedding wedding inspiration…sometimes it’s the best kind.  You can take a few ideas, make them your own – or just enjoy looking at the gorgeousness!
Now I’m sorry, but have you ever seen anything as adorable as these? The dress, the gloves, the mirror, the gorgeous girl, the cute teeny tiny tea cup! They are to die for!

A huge thank you to Vania & Christine for the share!

Credit: SimplyBloom Photography