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Under the Spotlight – Newell Jones & Jones Photography

Anna & Aaron of Newell Jones & Jones Photography are one of those photographic teams you’ll come back to time after time. As soon as I discovered them I scoured their website almost religiously, impatient to see what they were all about. The Denver-based pair’s style is quintessentially Rock n Roll – fresh with a vintage, ethereal, nostalgic, organic, soft and dreamlike feel – subtle in its execution but dramatic when seen as a whole. I adore the photographs timeless feel, which will keep your memories alive for a lifetime.

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Rock n Roll Bride in the Daily Express!


Oh. My. God. can someone please tell me what’s going on over here?! A few weeks ago I got an email from Harriet Mellor, a journalist for the Daily Express, one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK. She was writing an article about 5-9ers, people like me who still work full time and run their own business in their spare time. She wanted to interview me to be included in this article and of course I was over the moon to oblige.

If you’re in the UK, I hope you were able to go pick up your copy today but for all the rest of you, here’s the text around my ‘bit’…and that huge photo of my pink head!

Using out-of-hours as a launch pad

It’s only Rock n Roll: Kat Williams
For bride-to-be, Kat Williams, what started as an entertaining blog crossed over into an international web business with advertising and sponsorship.

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The very gorgeous engagement session of the equally gorgeous Abby & Erik was just sent over by their photographer friend Mary Wyar. She had the pleasure of hanging out the back of her car to get the ‘riding the scooter’ shots as well as the much less strenuous task of shooting the pierced and tattooed couple having a Rock n Roll picnic (complete with pink flamingos of course) and hanging out with their dog, Sweetpea.

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The Lyon Shop

Hands up if you love Amelia Lyon! Chances are that if you’re not waving your arms madly in the air right now it’s because you haven’t heard of the lady… shame on you, oh boy is that about to change.

The Blog Land favourite and all round fabulous Amelia ran another round of her her famous ‘Lyon Shop’ photography workshops on March 6th in Vegas any results turned out a treat. I was lucky enough to secure these exclusive pictures to share with you today. Not only are the models gorgeous (photographer’s Mark & Candice Brooke), funky and fabulous but the locations are to die for. I am seriously swooning over that ‘pool at the top of a skyscraper’ shot. Just awesome.

Candice’s dress was from Allyse’s Bridal in Las Vegas and her fab headpiece and accessories were supplied by Lady Vintage.

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