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What’s Sexy Now?

These are!
Red tutu + fishnets + rockabilly hair + vintage Mercedes…Ooooh I have too much love!

Credit: Caroline Tran Photography


I love Adorn Atelier hairpieces and Ophelia photography so what could be better than a shoot that combines the two?! Swoon…

Credit: Ophelia photography

I Actually Squealed With Excitement…

Ever since Tim & Merrill’s engagements, I have been waiting with bated breath for what feels like a lifetime for this wedding to happen and the photographs to be shared! Not only is Mark Brooke a photographer I simply adore, but the Groom is photographer Tim Melideo so I just knew the results would be nothing less than spectacular. I am quite frankly anything but disappointed! In fact I love these so much I could actually squeal.

Tim & Merrill have got some style that deserves some serious envy. The boys are rocking their same look different tie thing and the girls just look ridiculously gorgeous in their pink dress/bright flowers combo.

Oh sometimes it’s just all too damn exciting!

Credit: Mark Brooke Photographers

Paint It

Wow…the photographs by the fabulous Kelty of Steep Street Photography for Hannah & Alex’s stag/hen/bachelor/ette parties are so ridiculously rock n roll (you may have seen this couple’s engagement shoot elsewhere – I heart it). Acrylic paint + simple white dress + dancing = a hell lotta rock and a hell lotta roll. Jeez is their wedding going to be the coolest or what?!

Thanks Kelty – these are beyond amazingly cool.

Credit: Steep Street

You Want Me To Pose…Where!?

Sometimes things come way out in left field and hit you smack in the eye when you least expect it. I can’t believe I’ve never seen a couple posing in a bright red bath before..why the devil not? It’s an amazing idea! I am also loving the peacock cake, the rockabilly-esque suits and the awesome flowers. For my full post and more images of this kick ass wedding, head over to One Wed.

ps you seriously need to go and enter the Tinywater contest…it is open to all, whether you’re dating, engaged or married so get on it!


Credit: Gigglesnap Weddings