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As soon as I say Ashley Rose‘s different perspective on boudoir photography I knew I had to share these with you. No bed, no ‘sexy’ light, no nakedness or expensive, especially purchased, underwear – in it’s place a serious rock chick surrounded by things that define her personality – the cigarette, the tattoo, the records, the cute stripe socks and her favourite yellow top – these are the things she loves and these are the things that make her feel sexy.

Thanks to Ashley for sharing this session with us

Credit: Ashley Rose

The Tiny Bride

I adore photographer Sarah Pukin’s way of wording these images. Enjoy this and enjoy these gorgeous images!

The Tiny Bride.

Once upon a time there was a girl who met a boy. The boy was in a band – when he saw the girl his heart grew and he knew she was the one.

The girl gazed up at him and thought “could this be love at first sight?” As the boy came closer the girl reached her hand out – as he grabbed it they both knew that they were soul mates.

They fell deeply in love.

As time passed the boy and the girl got married and here are a few pages of their story.

Thanks Sarah. You rock!

Credit: Sarah Pukin Photography

Fun At The Fair

Erika & Jamie’s funfair engagement session is too damn cute. The best thing about a shoot at the fair? That there are awesome props everywhere!

Thanks to Kate for sharing these.

Credit: Kate Headley


So these aren’t bridal at all but I totally wish they were – please someone be inspired and do something like this for a bridal shoot, how kick ass would that be?!
The model’s hat, necklace and dress are all from Frocky Jack Morgan. Store owner, Julia Barbee actually sells her reconstructed dresses to kick ass brides too, so who knows it looks like someone could rock this look for a bridal shoot after all!

Thanks to Alicia & Kenneth for sharing. MWAH!

Credit: Vorpal Images

The Last Days Of Summer

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end. When we hit September and the kids go back to school that’s pretty much it right? Hell I had to write an article for a magazine (hehe shameless self promotion to follow soon!) about winter weddings last week for crying out loud!

However with the nights drawing in, we can’t deny that the light gets that little bit more beautiful and the evenings become that little bit more comfortable – so comfortable in fact that Rachel & Nate felt the need for a pillow fight! You gotta love these…

Thanks to the goooorgeous Duston for sharing these with us.

Credit: Duston Todd Photography

Breaking The Mould

It’s such an honour to be the first blog to share this amazingly themed engagement session by Joy Marie! Karnis & Alex really wanted to break the pre-wedding shoot mould and so came up with the awesome creative concept of dressing up like some of their favourite iconic images and heroes. Who can you spot?

Thanks to Joy for sharing these with us!