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Old Hollywood, Mexican Punk Rock!

Summer & Christopher’s wedding took place in July in a cemetery/mausoleum where the bride’s mother works at their beautiful 1920’s era chapel – certainly made for some awesome shots huh!? Summer told me:
It didn’t bother us that the chapel had a mausoleum inside of it.  It’s not that we were being purposely macabre, but we both have an understanding of the cycle of life, and felt that it would be beautiful, appropriate, and romantic, to have our wedding in a place which encompassed beauty and history.  It was also a nice tribute to my mom, who brought me up with the understanding that death is just another part of life”


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Cosmopolitan Bride


As I said on Thursday in my treats, I wanted to scan a few of my favourite real weddings and fashion shoots from the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Bride to share with you all. Not just because I’m mentioned in it (hehe) but also because Cosmo is by far the coolest, quirkiest and funkiest wedding magazine in the UK. It is in fact the only one I still buy. To everyone over the pond and beyond I hope you enjoy this unashamedly girlie delve into the world of the British bride.

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Chanel on the Beach

We love Axioo at Rock n Roll Bride HQ…and apparently so do you. You’ve gone nuts over their darling and sweet videos and innovative and adorable photo shoots. I can’t say I blame you, not with prettiness like this on show…and the giant Chanel bag pictures are almost too much to bear!

The guys are traveling around the world over the next few months so be sure to get in touch if you want to be captured by them. You can see where they are going and when on their blog.


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Make Love Not War

Len & Orj’s hippy chic psychedelic engagement shoot makes me happieeee. I also must say a huge thank you to this couple who put their photographer Joey Boquiren in touch with me. I am so excited to have discovered his amazing work. B.E.A.uuutiful!


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Risqué {NSFW}

Something a little risqué may be required for this Saturday morn..why the hell not hey!? Warning, if you’re unlucky enough like me to work on a Saturday (not blogging work – normal, boring, selling-stuff-on-the-telly {yes that’s actually what I do!} work) these may not be safe for work!


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Prop City

Funfairs may have been ‘done’ in terms of what the cool kids say is ‘in’ but who gives a monkey’s about what they think? It’s the same with balloons, candy floss and even sun flair…pah I say to that! The funfair is the perfect backdrop for an engagement shoot – fun, colourful, playful and prop city! I want a photo shoot in at a fun fair in fact. Any offers?!


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