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The Pretty Pretty Princess Look

Brady & Carrie got hitched at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco. A retro/vintage affair, Carrie even designed her dress herself and had it made by Atelier Des Modistes, a quint little boutique on Russian Hill.  Carrie described the experience of designing her own dress as nerve-wracking but totally worth it. She didn’t even get to see what the dress would actually look like until the final week as all the fittings are done with muslin.  She painted a wonderful picture when she described the fittings,  Families walk by at night after dinner and I remember little girls with their nose pressed to the glass door watching me in my “gown”. They had that “pretty pretty princess” look in their eyes. So sweet.

Thanks to Jeremy for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us – we hope to see a lit more of his photographic gorgeousness on Rock n Roll Bride soon!

Credit: Jeremy Harris Weddings

Topsy Turvy Bridal Shoot

After the great response both here and on my twitter to Melissa & Phil’s fabulous ‘Day of the Dead’ wedding, I thought it only right to share Melissa’s amazing bridal shoot too. She is wearing her Maggie Sottero dress and Topsy Turvy Designs little top hat again of course. This girl is one serious hottie right?

Credit: Emily Gualdoni Photography

A Topsy Turvy, Day Of The Dead, Mexican, Skull Spectacular

I swear sometimes I am overwhelmed by the greatness of the submissions I receive for my little blog. I have many people say to me that I must not sleep due to the amount of blogging I do, but I really only wish I could do more!

When I saw Melissa & Phil’s wedding I knew I’d be getting these bad boys up asap! The couple went for a ‘Day of the Dead’, skull and Mexican theme – complete with an awesome brightly coloured skull encrusted cake made by The Bleeding Heart Bakery (plus custom skeleton cake topper from Claylindo.) The couple have matching skull tattoos that they got after only 8 months of dating so there knew it was pretty much the perfect theme for them. When they started to plan their wedding they only had two things they knew they wanted – skulls and tacos!

Melissa explains:
I heard about a Mexican custom for the newlyweds’ cake to have a skeleton bride and groom perched atop it.  This symbolized the couple will not only be together until death, but even after death for all eternity.  We liked this concept so much, we extrapolated upon it and made it the theme and focus of our entire wedding.

The Dia De Los Muertos theme was a perfect fit! It is a custom that is spiritual, quirky, morbid, and unique – just like us!

The couple also incorporated a quirky, retro feel to the day. As Melissa went on to tell me:
I wanted a “vintage” feel for the attire, but also knew that I NEEDED to wear a cute top hat. Or I would possibly die. All the maids had pinup-style dresses and hairdos with skull feather fascinators in their hair. I wore a long A-line dress by Maggie Sottero with a custom made top hat from Topsy Turvy Designs, and had a slight steampunk look happening. I tried to make the guys look a teensy bit vintage with their vest and sans-jacket look. And Phil wore a lovely long suit jacket that looked almost pall-bearer-esque and complimented his long hair nicely.

A huge Rock n Roll Bride thank you to Melissa & Phil for sharing their day…and a even bigger thank you to every single one of you that takes the time to send your wedding gorgeousness my way! I ♥ you all…

Credit: Emily Gualdoni Photography

Fly Away

I don’t think Caroline Tran has ever taken a photograph I don’t love…but surely it can’t be a bad thing that I feel the need to post every single one?! Come on though, isn’t that sunset shot one of the most amazing you’ve ever seen!?

Credit: Caroline Tran

‘Nobody Can Be Uncheered By A Balloon’

I received the cutest and most excitable submission I have ever had the other day. Josephine Sicad is a Filipino girl living in Singapore who is just tipping her toes into the world of photography and where better to start that by shoot her and her (then) fiance’s engagement shoot (or pre nup as they call it over there.)
I’m sure she won’t mind but I have to share some of her excitement right here, just so you get the emotion behind the lens:
While browsing through your site, I get so giggly to share my own set,too. I happen to be my own photographer (the tripod-remote-timer-way) for my own engagement sessions. Teehee! Which is why I am just giggling to share it,too. My idea was a touch of vintagey and rustic feel to it which I always love love love. We did our photoshoots randomly to places we find great backdrops (the park and some rustic places) here in Singapore and yes, including my own bike. Weeehhh! I wanted it to be simple and yet so FULL of LOVE. We had these shots taken around June, while we just got happily married last July 28 and I am still working on my edits Hahaha. Sadly, I couldn’t be my own photographer for my wedding, you know I wish I could. Hahaha But I had amazing friends who helped me capture all the wonderful moments,too as it was just a 9 people wedding in fact. =)

I love these for the cute, playful joy – the experimentation of a new photographer finding her feet is totally alluring. Josephine even gives each image it’s only little intro – my favourite has got to be ‘Nobody Can Be Uncheered By A Balloon’ Check out her flickr for more.

I know there are great things ahead for the delightful Josephine and I can’t wait to see more of it!

Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography


Gina & Aris’ wedding was infused with gorgeous details reflecting their stunning venue – Portland Classical Chinese Garden.  I think it does without saying that Gina’s Stephanie James Couture dress is ridiculously gorgeous (it’s one of those dresses I never tire of seeing!) but I am also loving their adorable flower girl in her oriental inspired outfit + parasol, the origami paper flowers and the cute teeny tiny cupcakes and pink & blue bird cake topper.

Thanks to Sean for sending these my way!