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Sunshine of my Life

Las Vegas strip, yellow sundress love, tattooed back gorgeousness.

Monique & Dustin were already married but they acted as models in Vegas for a WPPI ‘shoot out’ and luckily for them one of the photographers was the fabulous NJ based Feuza Reis.  I love the epic sunshine in these shots, mirrored by their yellow outfits.

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Best of Blogs – Issue 8 ~ Steve Gerrard

For this month’s article in Photo Pro magazine I wanted to highlight the work of one of my good blog-friends, Steve Gerrard. The Birmingham-based photographer is making huge waves in both the music and wedding photography world as his amazing cross-over between these two very different genres coincide as a huge benefit his couples who love his unique and innovative ideas and style.

Best of Blogs
Steve Gerrard has bolted wedding photography on to a successful careers shooting for music mags and, as Kat explains, his blog is designed to win him clients who love his quirky style

I first discovered Steve Gerrard when he emailed me a little over a year ago to let me know about his newest venture, a wedding blog called Bridal Soup. He set it up with the intention of diversifying his audience, to be able to share his photography and personal stuff on his photography blog ( and to share UK wedding ideas, inspiration and vendors. Over the past 12 months I’ve really got to know him a great deal. I briefly acted as a contributor to Bridal Soup (until things got a little crazy at my end!) and I’ve loved featuring his Rock n Roll weddings on Rock n Roll Bride over the past year.

The Birmingham-based photographer began his career five years ago shooting bands and working for NME and many of the big rock magazines, a passion that he still continues to follow to this day. It didn’t take long for Steve to branch into weddings after he saw how the industry was changing. He realised that many couples were looking for something a bit ‘different’ in their wedding photography and he hoped to be able to fill that role. “I loved the more relaxed, creative side of wedding photography and haven’t looked back” Steve told me.

With a rock music background and a no preconceived concepts of how weddings ‘should’ be shot, Steve began experimenting with unusual and fun techniques, one of his most popular of which being ‘painting with light’. Inspired by the great Jeff Newsom ( Steve began bringing various kinds of lights to his engagement sessions and weddings to experiment with.  “The technique basically involves sticking a camera on a tripod and exposing the shutter for 20 or 30 seconds while my assistant and I run around with lights, torches, sparklers or whatever else we feel like playing with that day. It takes a little trial and error but couples love it because it’s so different to your normal wedding photograph.”

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

“Somewheeeere over the raaaainbow…waaaay up hiiigh”

Oh yes I do love The Wizard of Oz and when I saw Eagen & Jason’s wedding and it’s nods to Oz, I knew it was perfect for a little blogging. What I love particularly about the wedding is that the theme hasn’t taken over the day – it’s not cheesy, it’s not crass, it’s not cringy – they have just included a few subtle nods to the movie in an oh so stylish way. The emerald (city) bridemaid dresses,the table names, the sparkly ‘Dorothy’ shoes.

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Amazing Andaz

Prepare yourself for a super duper bumper post people. Sometimes I’m afraid I can’t help but go mad on the number of images I share on a wedding as beautiful (and as beautifully captured) as Sam & Adam’s. The couple got married at The uber stylish Andaz Hotel in London.

With Sam & Adam both being fashion designers (as well as a lot of their guests too!) the wedding was sure to be a ridiculously stylish affair. Sam looks gorgeous in her Marchesa gown and I am pretty much crazy about those Nicholas Kirkwood heels! Adam wore a suit from Dunhill.

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A Sunday Kind of Love ~ Julia Boggio

Julia Boggio VB 7x5

Behold – a new feature! From the various emails, tweets comments I’ve received over the last few months I’ve come to the conclusion that you love regular posts – in particular Thursday Treats and I love writing them so I thought I’d try to do a few more…

I was lucky enough to be invited to Julia Boggio’s grand studio opening (full report and exclusive piccies coming soon!) on Thursday and after much schmoozing with the glitterati of the British wedding industry I came to realise that I know so many amazing, talented and generally fabulous people here and all over the world. My plan is that every Sunday I’m going to share with you someone who’s been particularly fabulous to me that week or someone who’s work has blown me away. It’s my way of saying ‘I heart you’ as well as hopefully letting you know about some people you might not have heard of before. I hope you can put them all to good use in your own weddings. I also hope this feature will be a popular one as I know a lot of awesome people and I’d like to be able to share them all with you!

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you this week’s victim – the way-too-fabulous Julia Boggio. I’ve chosen her because not only is she a multi-tasking force to be reckoned with – photographer, business women, writer, entrepreneur, teacher and general conveyor of all things vintage and gorgeous, but she put on such a fantastic do on Thursday and she deserves a bit (well a lot) of love for it!  She also made me look hotter than I ever have in my Vintage Boudoir shoot and she even got to dance with Patrick Swayze on the Opera Winfrey show… I know!

Julia I heart you.