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Outdoorsy, Shabby Chic Gorgeousness

I am slightly reluctant to say this is one of my favourite, rustic, outdoorsy, shabby chic weddings ever as I seem to be saying things like that a lot..but I kinda can’t help it. I adore every single details about this wedding, from the cute (almost kitch!) Mr&Mrs balloons to the Bride’s stunning dress and shoes (shoes from Nordstrom, details on the dress to come once the couple get back from Honeymoon!)
These will be popular with you all I’m sure of it.

Sarah Yates you rocked this photography, thanks so much for all the sharing!

Credit: Sarah Yates Photography

The Grass Is Always Greener

I am all about the love for this green wedding. The flowers, the cake, the Bridesmaid dresses and the umbrella (are umbrellas thethe new balloons!?) are just awesome and so so cute. I am particularly loving how the colour pops up in a load of different shades, don’t be afraid to mix and match your colour tones, this wedding proves it looks absolutely fabulous.

Credit: Amie Otto

Bright, Colourful And Super Gorgeous!

I’d like to say a big hiya! to one of my new fabulous sponsors, Whitney Lee Photography (check them all out on the right hand side, under ‘link love’) and to share this gorgeous new engagement session she shot with you. The bright coloured walls are all so beautiful…and those flowers look so good they could almost be fake!

Credit: Whitney Lee Photography

Custom Made

Jenna of Jenna Cole Photography and That Wife send this wedding my way and I am thrilled! That dress is spectacular. Photographer Kelli Ward told me the couple both got their outfits custom made in China as that was where they were living right up to the wedding. In fact she didn’t even meet the couple until the wedding day!

Special thanks to Jenna for sending me this and to Kelli for letting me share this gorgeous wedding with you.


Credit: By Kelli