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Renae & Albert’s Rained-Off but Perfect DIY Wedding

Renae & Albert were married on 10.10.10 in Australia. Their 5 minute ceremony took place on Renae’s parent’s porch and their reception was held in a renovented old pub in Caboolture Historical Village, Australia. They were supposed to be married at a secluded park and creek at Rocksberg but due to torrential rains, it got flooded so had to be moved. “We could not even get to the suburb let alone the park,” Renae told me. “Many tears were had the day before the wedding but my parents stepped up and offered their place. They actually had a friend’s wedding there the day before ours.”

“We wrote our own vows which included Albert accepting he may come second to our dogs (on occasions) and me promising to look interested when he starts talking about tranestification of lipid analysis of fatty acids. Everyone had a laugh and it really did summarised us and our relationship.”

The bride wore a custom-made dress, made for her my a friend of her Mother. She explains “The first day I got engaged I googled ‘1950 wedding dresses’ and the first picture was the dress I wanted. It was in the UK and there was no way I could get it to Australia. A friend’s Mum offered to make it for me (along with the changes I needed) I think by the end she was not a fan of all the petticoats! I was a bit sick the week before the wedding (it was not the hen night I swear) and lost quite a bit of weight. I tried hard to put it back on (thanks hun for the pop tarts) but the dress still did not fit me as perfect as it once had. I still loved the dress and would not have changed it.” With her perfect gown she added a handmade headpiece, made for her by her sister Lucy and made from an antique brooch she brought in the Barossa Valley SA Australia.

It was important to Ranae that her bridesmaid’s were happy and comfortable. They even got to carry the cutest accessory going – Renae’s doggies! “The girls had a variety of shapes and sizes and I was stressing to get one that suited all. I found a dress I loved and that was it.   They came from a random outlet shops and I brought one for myself. One of my bridesmaids was not keen on the dress or the sizing. I called the supplier and all the stores that stocked the dresses but they were all sold out, so we were going to get them tailored. Luckily the same store had the dresses 6 months later and it was all sorted out. While on honeymoon we were in Laos and we saw another traveller wearing the same dress! The necklaces were from an amazing artist Kurt Halsey and I used some of his art around my wedding (table decorations, order of service, invites etc). I also have a tattoo of his work on my arm.”

“My three dogs (Two Chihuahuas, Pikelet and Biscuit, and Cricket the Daschund) were the girls’ accessories. They had custom black leather collars, decorated with their names in diamantes!”

The couple put a lot of effort into their reception details, DIYing most of it. Renae explained, “I made personalised nametags for everyone that included conversation starters eg. Hi my name is Renae and I am the bride.  If I was a camel would I rather eat ice cream of yoghurt? Albert is a forensic chemist so we had old chemistry glassware on the tables filled with coloured water and assorted beans. We also had a giant 20L beaker that held the order of service memos. We tried to keep it an eco green wedding wherever possible. I did not buy anything that could not be used again. My invitations were made out of recycled beer labels and we gave rosemary seedlings as wedding favours. I hand made hundreds of origami paper cranes to scatter down the isle and hang from the trees. Because of the weather we ended up handing them out and filling assorted glassware with them. We had a Photobooth! It was so awesome and it made the best guestbook.”

“We made a gag prop box and we have the funniest photos. Albert loves tequila and we had a tequila toast. Even our fathers got in on it. Lolly table! Everyone loved it. I had little bags and everyone got to take some home (except us). The wishing well. I have a small collection of vintage containers and wanted to incorporate them. I decided to use my four pack (flour, sugar, tea and salt) and label them. As Albert and myself have been living together for some time we have everything you could need. We thought it would be better for everyone to see where the cash goes so we had: Mortgage, House and Garden, Honeymoon and Shits and Giggles.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Smooooooozing and Swanning Around The Mark Niemierko & Browns Bride Valentine’s Party


After Tuesday’s wedding blogger’s shoot came Mark Niemierko‘s Valentine’s Party, hosted by Caroline Burstein of Browns Bride (pictured above). Let me get one thing straight here… I was more than a little bit surprised to receive an invite to such an event.

“Seriously? Me? a pink (well rainbow) haired slightly-punky-in-no-way ‘high end’ wedding blogger…really?! You want ME so come and cover the event? Erm… OK then” Was pretty much the thought process I had when the invitation landed through my door.

0001 - David Willems Photography

So it was with some trepidation that I headed to Browns Bride in Marylebone, London on Tuesday evening accompanied by a couple of the girls also involved in the blogger’s shoot. We were a little late (photo shoots never run to time + taxi fail!) but as soon as I arrived a cocktail was thrust in my hand (hey, I could get used to this!) and Mark excitedly told me all about what was going on…who I simply must meet…why he was so excited to be working with wedding bloggers…and which dresses I should try on (OK I made that last bit up. The room was filled with Oscar de la Renta, Monique Luillier, Peter Langner, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang, a girl can dream right?!)

0053 - David Willems Photography

It was great to meet so many people including Helen, the bride-to-be who won my competition to attend (well now she’s a newlywed as she got married on Saturday…and yes I’ve told he she must send me the photos. After hearing all about her plans I am very excited to see them indeed!)

But that’s not all. I am thrilled to reveal that not only did they actually let me in the door (!) but Mark commissioned the fabulous Allora Visuals to create a special behind the scenes video EXCLUSIVELY (yeah big letters…I’m that excited) for Rock n Roll Bride. That’s pretty darn ace huh! You won’t see this video anywhere else. Rock n Roll Bride is where it’s at baby…

(You should spot a familiar face at about 1 min 39!)

I’m a little bit gutted that I wasn’t able to get in the interview video (boohoohoo I hate being late) but luckily for you lot, Mark still sent it over to me so share with you all.

…And, in case you’re interested, my perfect Valentine’s Day would be pink champagne, a thai take away and a movie marathon with Gareth & the kittens. And my prediction for 2011 wedding trends would be that we’ll be seeing a lot more opulence and extravagance in weddings, but still with quirky, DIY and Rock n Roll touches. It will definitely still be all about the personal details and putting your own stamp on your wedding day… just with a little bit of Marie Antoinette thrown in for good measure!

Be sure to check out all the photos…this is the wedding elite right here…and me! haha

0149 - David Willems Photography - KAT WILLIAMS, ROCK N ROLL BRIDE BLOG

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Happy Valentine’s Day! The Big Fat Wedding Blogger’s Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek

So last Tuesday I headed up to Luella’s Boudoir in Wimbledon to meet the all time UK wedding blogging greats. I’d had this little idea to organise a photo shoot with all my favourite wedding bloggers and some amazing suppliers (of course!) late last year and I was so excited to see it all pulled off. A lot of organisation went into this day and I’m so thrilled with how it all turned out.

One word – EPIC!

My little idea turned into a day-long shoot fest of love (there was some seriously gushing “OMG I love your blog, it’s so great to meet you in real life”) and amazing teamwork. I am literally chomping at the bit to share the final images (shot on a Hasselblad no less…more on this + how on earth we got our hands on one to come!) and the incredible behind the scenes video (and it is believe me!)

Gush gush gush!

After the shoot, I was whisked off to Mark Niemierko’s Valentines Party at Browns Bride. All the details on this fabulous party will be hitting the blog later today.

HUGE LOVE to everyone that was involved on the day (full list below – check them out!) and stand by for the final epic reveal next Monday 9am. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. So excited!!

(ps If you didn’t see my latest video blog yet, filmed backstage at the shoot, then be sure to check it out! I give my top 10 blogging tips…)

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Cara & Alex’s Romantic Home Cooked Day

Happy Valentine’s day! And what better way to start off today’s celebrations than with a beautiful and kick ass Valentine’s themed shoot? I’ve got 3 posts packed with love-filled goodness for you today, so be sure to pop back later for the rest!

“The original idea behind this shoot was to showcase that it really is ‘the thought that counts’ when it come to great Valentine’s Day gifts,” explained stylist Erica of Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique.”A home-cooked breakfast (like heart shaped waffles), personalized details (like DIY tea bag messages) and a saucy/cute apron is really all a guy could ever want….”

“The concept, styling and (of course) the flowers were provided by myself, Erica from Rook & Rose, and the morning was beautifully captured by Kim of Kim Kalyn Photography. Alex & Cara, we’re nice enough to volunteer for the project and along with a handful of other local Victoria, BC vendors we’re hoping to inspire other couple to GET CREATIVE this Valentine’s Day!”

I hope all my Rock n Roll readers enjoy their day of romance, whatever you’re doing. Us? We’ll be staying in with a take away and a movie, there’s no need for grand gestures in our house!

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A Sunday Kind of Love – The Anthropologie Wedding Dress Collection!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past few months (or you’re not as obsessed with weddings as I!) you won’t have failed to hear the rumours that Anthropologie are launching their own wedding line on Valentines Day (tomorrow!) called BHLDN. Words can’t express how excited I am to see Rock n Roll Bride’s (and their bridesmaids) rocking out these dresses. They are seriously stunning.

The wedding dresses will range from US size 0-14 and will be priced between $1000 and $4000. All dresses will be offered free shipping (!) and free 30 day returns.

Get in there quick girlies – I imagine this whole collection will sell out in a matter of hours! What do you think of these new designs?

Here are a few of my favourites.

all images via

*This is NOT a Sponsored Post – I just love!

ps I also want to let you know that today is YOUR FINAL DAY to sign up to the Rock n Roll Party of the year. You will be notified this coming week if you have been successful in bagging yourself a ticket!

How To…Dress Your Flowergirls (the Rock n Roll Way)

Credit: Hampton Morrow Photography via We Heart It (Thanks to Meahgan & Vanessa for the info)

Hi Kat,

Thank you thank you thank you for your amazing website!

We’re getting married in August on a farm in Derbyshire and I have got so many wonderful ideas from your site! We are currently DIY-ing bunting and lanterns with many other things on the way! Our budget isn’t grand by any stretch of the imagination but the site has made it possible to know our wedding can still be very us and very unique without the massive price tag!

The theme is village fete – country- vintage ish! Hay bales, bunting, lanterns, wild flowers mis match china, vintage marquees etc! My other half has a vintage 3 piece tweed, I have a 1950’s lace fishtail gown that I love and can’t wait to wear! The bridesmaids are Vivien of Holloway but I’m so stuck with flower girls… Have you ever come across vintage style flower girl dresses? Everything seems so puffy and bridesmaidy (technical terms) and its not really right for the rest of it! Any ideas would be most appreciated!

Keep up the good work, you’re an inspiration!

Nichola xxx

♥  ♥  ♥

What a great question from Nichola this week. However, let’s be honest (and anybody who knows me can vouch for this!) babies. scare. me. Therefore I didn’t exactly think I was the right person to answer this dilemma…but I knew someone who was – the fabulously chic and stylish, and recent Mummy to the gorrrrgeous Reuben, Tiffany Grant-Riley of Grant-Riley Weddings. Oh and can I just take this opportunity to Tiffany for letting me hold her little Reuben at The Designer Wedding Show yesterday. When I said “yeah sure…just so you know this is the first time I’ve held a child by the way” she did look a little terrified. Sorry about that!

Hi Nichola!
Your village fete themed wedding sounds absolutely gorgeous-and you’re right, the majority of flower girl dresses are rather frilly and white to boot. Nothing wrong with that of course, but as you’re a bride looking for something a little more fun and less traditional it can be disheartening when you can’t find what you’re looking for.