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Clara Bows

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important news flash…Bristol photographer Rosie Parsons  has just shot one of the most gorgeously vintage style weddings right here in England. Oh yes, England rules the vintage roost today dear friends.

The couple hired a house for the occasion, Treowen in Monmouthshire and the beautiful vintage styling and crockery was supplied by Clara Bows aka Vicky Vale, the Bride! Don’t you just love the quirky 1920’s fashion everyone is sporting?..oh the swoon…


Credit: Rosie Parsons


Happy snoozy Sunday to you all! I have a distinct lack of a day filled with snooze myself as I plan to share some gorgeous and rockin’ trash the dress sessions with you (and knowing me probably more!)

I’m going to start with the hot shoot sent in by the very lovely Jeffrey Chan of I Cherish You, a photographer from Toronto. The location of the shoot is pretty awesome huh? The shoot took place in the abandoned Kodak building which is now apparantly a very popular shoot zone for local photographers.

Thanks to Jeffery for sharing these with me!

Credit:  I Cherish You

Central Park Love

No wonder Central Park is always in the movies…OK so I totally stole this line from one of the commenters on the photographer’s blog post but it pretty much sums up what I wanted to say about this shoot myself!

If you too fell in love in New York then be sure to get your entries in for the fabulous ‘We fell in love in NYC’ contest. It closes for entries tomorrow so you’d better get a wriggle on! All info is here… MWAH!

Credit: Krista Photography

Prohibition Picnic

With it’s 1920’s prohibition styling, this engagement session is quite simply divine! I am loving Nellie’s authentic dress, parasol and show combo plus Nick’s adorable woolen waistcoat..and that pink sky…ooooh pretty pretty!

Thanks to Moe for sending these to me!

Credit: Moley Photography

Capturing The Moment

Where has Forty Sixty Photography been all my life? Why only now am I being sent this wonderfulness?! Although photographer Chris specialises in music and band images, he is now beginning to branch out into engagements and weddings, as he says ‘ I love capturing people in the moment, when they let their true emotions shine through.’  All I can say is thank goodness and it’s about time!

Credit: Forty Sixty Photography

50 First Dates

It’s official. I have found my absolute favourite video ever. Seriously I really do mean EVER! I did not stop smiling the whole way through this an I even nearly shed a teeny tiny tear. The concept behind the engagement shoot was ’50 First Dates’.

Now please excuse me, I have to go watch this again.

Adrian Sanny Prewedding from Axioo on Vimeo.

Credit: Axioo