Budget Friendly Candy Coloured Rainbow Wedding: Tiffany & Christopher


For their March wedding, Tiffany and Christopher wanted to do everything themselves. It meant they were able to save money, but also that they could have the wedding they really wanted. Their theme was a pastel candy coloured rainbow, full of lovely DIY projects and playful ideas!

“Pastel candy rainbow is the easiest description for the reception”, explained the bride. “We went for a more nature inspired, minimal, springtime themed look for the actual ceremony. We’re both foodies (Chris being a chef helps) and we love donuts, candy, sprinkles, and lots of colors.”


“The officiant was explicitly told there would be no religion, no references to ‘giving the bride away”‘or any other traditional vows”, she continued. “I’m a feminist and I am not owned by my father or my husband. She went along with it beautifully and even threw in a Willy Wonka quote at the end. I had pink hair, tattoos showing, and we arrived in a classic Buick Century. Our shoot after the ceremony at the carnival was very Rock n Roll, with my leather jacket, pins, and our sunglasses. We happened to find the carnival in a shopping center a few days before the wedding and it turned out to be perfect for pictures. It was free and we had a blast! The car we rode in was the coolest too.”


“I used Pinterest and wedding blogs for décor ideas”, she continued. “I looked up a tutorial on how to make tissue pom poms and we made 40 different one for the dance floor. Then, I made heart tissue confetti for tables, Papier mâché candles, the invitations and RSVP cards, and the picture frames we put our kitties and doggy in. We both worked so hard on every detail and seeing it finally come together was perfect. We got so many compliments that it was the best wedding because we worked hard to make sure it was relaxed, fun, and unique.”


“We shopped a lot at the dollar store for various items for the reception, including hearts to go into the cupcakes. We also made quite a few of the decorations ourselves, used my husband’s network of local vendors, and picked an inexpensive venue and reception site. The ceremony venue was $30 for a permit. Our reception site was a blank canvas once we cleaned it up. We tried to use local when possible and it really paid off.”


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  1. tiffany irvin

    I am beyond ecstatic to be featured on this blog because R&RB means so much! I used you blog for inspiration throughout my planning. Thank you!

  2. Lisa Scott, mother of the bride

    This was a most beautiful day for our families in coming together to celebrate Tiffany & Chris. It was truly magical, especially because of the fantastic way in which they put all of this together, with so much attention to every unique & personal detail. I truly think Tiffany has discovered a new profession in wedding planning! The person doing the vows was so personable, the flowers were the perfect touch for wedding & reception, the catering and food fabulous, the photography extremely artful in capturing every moment. We had great fun helping to make some of the decorations and to decorate, and all of it came together so well because of Tiffany & Chris and their vision. Truly a special day, and I’m so happy to see it shared on R&RB for all to enjoy. I’m so happy for them!

  3. Wow-wee. How brilliant, colourful and fun. I LOVE Tiffany’s pink hair and leather jacket – so cool. Great approach to the wedding, great that they made so many of the decorations themselves too. Their hard work has definitely paid off – it looks AMAZING! Congrats Tiffany and Christopher x


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