Pretty & Homemade Disney-Inspired Wedding: Megan & Grant

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Did you grow up dreaming of a fairytale wedding? If so then have I got the wedding inspiration for you. When Megan married Grant in September she knew she’d be taking cues from her love of Disney. In fact it started with the proposal on the top of Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

“Grant knew how much Disney meant to me, so he popped the question on the balcony of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland Paris”, Megan explained. “We wanted to bring some of that Disneyland magic and escapism to our big day, and we did so with bright, happy colours, Disney motifs, and a medley of Disneyland Park music playing in the marquee during lunch.”

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“Our ceremony was quite non-traditional”, she continued. “I wrote it myself, and we were married by Grant’s best man, a close friend who knows us better as a couple than anyone else. Instead of being walked down the aisle by my dad, I asked him to perform a song for me to walk to. On the day he surprised me by playing an acoustic version of ‘Part of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid. It was so touching and it really set the tone for the day. The ceremony itself was full of funny anecdotes that had us both laughing and crying, then we finished with a handfasting. It was extremely personal, and perfectly suited to us a couple.”

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“Although we always knew we wanted to have our reception in my parents’ garden, initially we looked into licensed ceremony venues locally. Unfortunately, since it’s rural Cornwall, we were limited to churches and registry offices, none of which suited us. I did some research and found stories from other couples who’d had two ceremonies; a private one to deal with the legalities, and another at their dream location taking whatever form they fancied. This opened up a world of possibilities, so we decided to get married on the veranda of one of my parents’ converted train carriages. It was perfect, as we could tailor the entire area to our needs and we were able to have our completely personalised ceremony.”

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The marquee for the reception was decorated from top to bottom by the couple and lots of willing volunteers. “The buffet, décor, and flowers were all homemade”, she said. “There was definitely a homespun feel to the day. That was really important to us.”

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“We’re lucky to have an extremely creative and hands on family, along with a bunch of very willing, enthusiastic friends. My dad helped us craft our light up letters, face cut-out board and signpost completely from scratch, My mum helped me hunt down scores of old photo frames, glass bottles and conversation pieces to upcycle. The swinging seat and dressing table had both been abandoned in their garage for years, but between us we sanded and painted until they really looked the part.”

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“Since we were in one of the last proper working fishing villages in the UK, we also decided to cater the buffet ourselves, the centrepiece being a table piled high with seafood caught by local fishermen – some of whom came along to join us in the evening!”

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“One of my favourite parts of the day was straight after the ceremony when we escaped with our photographer, bridesmaids and groomsmen down to the beach to have a few photos taken. That half hour of peace after all of those high running emotions was blissful. Also, after lunch, my dad performed a couple of songs he’d learned for us. It had my bridesmaids and I (and one or two of the groomsmen!) in tears. Although we didn’t have the traditional father-daughter dance or have him walking me down the aisle, this was far more special for us, and perfectly suited to our relationship.”

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“My main advice for future brides and grooms would be don’t get suckered in by the romance of a DIY wedding without giving it some real consideration,” she concluded. “If you have the resources, time, and support network, it’s immensely satisfying, but still a lot of hard work. But mainly, don’t get so absorbed by all things wedding that you forget to be a couple in the months running up to your big day. The little details that you think will make or break the day will pale into insignificance when all wedding day emotions spill out, so try not to stress over them!”

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  1. I think Megan & Grants wedding was absolutely beautiful. I love the photo of the groomsmen on the rocks, they kinda look like a (really awesome) boyband :)

  2. THAT hair… Gosh I’m smitten. Amazing details from start to finish – looks like this wedding was one hell of a shindig! I’m off to buy some red dye… x

  3. I’m so incredibly happy you featured Megan and Grant’s wedding, Kat – both Megan and Chloe, the fabulous photographer, are wonderful friends of mine and it’s so lovely to see them on one of my absolute favouritest of websites ever!!

    And, of course, this wedding made me melt! Such beautiful and thoughtful touches, all lovingly made by Megan, Grant, family and friends. Wonderful!!

  4. I love love love this! I am planning my own Disney inspired wedding so its lovely to see other peoples :) The link for the photographer isn’t working does anyone have an email address for her? I am still looking for one and would like to contact her to see if she is available!

  5. I felt so emotional looking through these photographs, it really strikes a chord in my heart. Beautifully done.

    I love the brides hair – it’s wow-factor-amazing. Her pretty forget-me-not shoes. All the ribbons in the ceiling and the balloons in their hands.

    The photographs on the beach are magnificent – the impending fog… Who said it has to be sunny for a wedding day!

  6. Such a pretty wedding, love the photos with the rocks as backdrops. The advice about homemade weddings is great, this wedding looks beautiful but making everything yourself can be stressful if you don’t share the load. It looks like this couple and their families really supported each other through it. Love the colour scheme too.

  7. Oh this is so amazing. I’d love to shoot a wedding like this, but we rarely have anything so unique in Iowa. Still, beautifully captured and I love the processing on the photos. Top notch all the way.

  8. This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Amazing wedding! I also have a soft spot for Disney, so this one really brought out a couple of ninjas cutting up onions… around here… somewhere…

  9. Being a Disney nut myself, I hope and pray and cross my fingers that one day I will have a bride with a vision like this. (Also, when I first saw this post title and the first picture with her GORGEOUS red hair, I was secretly hoping she would be Ariel.) :) Love it all!

  10. Great Wedding photography. Your wedding photographer did an impressive job.

    I love that they ate whole Maine lobster for dinner. So good, So messy.

    I shoot beach weddings every so often. The weather is so unpredictable, but the photos are always out of this world

    Thanks for the post

  11. Loving seeing this wedding on your pages Kat. Following the updates of this on Megans instagram was brill and I’m loving how much detail and personal touches they got into the day. Stunning.

    It’s making me want to dress up as a princess and dye my hair red.

    That’s totally acceptable right?


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