Candy Land Madonna Inn Wedding: Liz & Bryan

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Liz and Bryan were married at the famous Madonna Inn in California. The day was a beautiful mish-mash of a vintage candy store and a retro tattoo shop. “We really wanted to keep our wedding upbeat and light-hearted”, wrote the bride. “I think the temporary tattoos, candy, giant wood cut outs and photo booth helped create a really fun environment. Halfway through the night the photo booth props became a part of the wedding and we had groomsmen in capes and dresses as the Hulk and Spiderman on the dance floor. It made the pictures hilarious.”

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“The inspiration for our wedding came from two places.”, she continued. “First we began visiting a tattoo shop in SLO everytime we drove up the coast to do wedding planning. Bryan got work done on his two sleeves bit by bit and we ended up taking part of our engagement pics in the shop. I got our wedding date tattooed on my wrist during the shoot too. Secondly I’m a painter and love bright candy colors and all things cute and Bryan is a hot rod guy always outside working on his 54 Ford Customline. So our wedding ended up looking like a vintage candy shop that you could get tattooed in! We had ‘candy girls’ instead of flower girls that passed out candy as they walked down the aisle. Our super hero nephew was the ring bearer and wore a black and white striped vest and a black cape. We did not do any traditional dances but we did have my 85 year old Grandma lead all the ladies in the Chicken dance.”

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“We splashed out my hiring the Madonna Inn (we went there for our 10 year anniversary and as soon as we walked in I knew we had to get married there!) but really saved money on flowers and decor. I handmade my paper flower ‘bouquet’ using Martha Stewart’s crepe paper flower tutorial. Bryan cut the giant LOVE letters out of plywood and I painted them along with our giant tattoo heart.”

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“I’m a creative director so I also designed all the stationery, labels, signs etc. We bought all our vases and glassware at the 99cents store and ordered loads of candy from Doing things yourself saves a TON of money! Also I booked my photographer and DJ at a bridal fair and got a 25% discount for booking that day.”

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“My favorite part of the wedding was seeing everyone embrace our style for the day”, Liz concluded. “Even my anti-tattoo grandma had one of the Liz and Bryan tattoos on her chest! Guests all went out of their way to dress in bright colors and have a little fun with their attire. I also loved our ‘guestbook’ which was a HUGE tattoo heart we made out of wood that hung behind us as we said our vows. After the ceremony it was taken down and everyone signed the heart. It now hangs in our house.”

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  1. Natalie

    WOW! Just wow!!! Everything about this is fantastic! Love all the coordinated details and the shots with the balloons are amazing! It looks like so much planning and effort went into this day, it is simply stunning x

  2. Those bows! Those shoes! that venue! the details! I love everything about this! special love to the Paper Flower, I walked down the aisle with one of those too! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Oh my, this is so gorgeous! I wonder if I could ask my bridesmaids to dye their hair candy colours if I ever get married… Not too unreasonable, surely?!

  4. Angela

    I ADORE THIS WEDDING!!! In fact, sooo much of this is similar to the themes I am planning for mine, it is so beautiful! Liz, you looked absolutely stunning – if you read this, I wanted to ask you a question, you say you designed all of your own stationery and signs, can I please ask where you got that tattoo inspired font? I’m looking for something similar for my stationery, but I can’t find anything. Any pointers you could share would be absolutely amazing! :-) Thank you so much! I hope my wedding looks half as beautiful as yours, I will be a happy girl then, congratulations! :-)

  5. How cool is this wedding! From the venue, flowers, dresses etc is just fabulous and the colours ate amazing. A very thought out wedding theme just brilliant

  6. lc

    What a fab wedding!!! Where on earth did you get the customised stick on tattoos???? Go grandma!!!

  7. Angela

    Thank you so so so much Liz!!! :-D. I’m going to check that out tomorrow and I will definitely be sure to drop you an email if I need more help, I so appreciate that! Thank you! (I may just randomly email you to gush about how fab everything is again too and share my excitement, ha ha ha!) Thank you very much! :-)

  8. Elena

    Yay so happy we made it in Rock n’ Roll Bride!!! All of your hard work payed off :) You and Bryan did a fantastic job planning this wedding! So happy i got to stand by your side, Love you two lots!

  9. Marissa

    The best themed wedding I have ever been to. You and Bryan did an amazing job! It truely brings new meaning to “it’s all about the little things” This wedding was truely made with love and I feel so privlidged to be a part of it!! Love you guys!!

  10. Woohoo, the Madonna Inn! Super cool venue choice (c’mon Kat, you know you want to visit!). Love the colors, the invitations and the signage. And the candy! Looks like such a fun wedding party!

  11. sazparilla

    Colours, props, everything I need for our DIY inspiration next mid-summer, thanks guys for sharing x


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