Gypsy Village Gathering Wedding: Ben & Serina


Blessed with a balmy night, great music and guests willing to get into the spirit of the theme, Ben & Serina had a wedding that that they described as a ‘gypsy village gathering’ in Panton Hill Winery, Australia. “Our guests thought they were transported to another place and time”, wrote the bride. “There was no stress and our wedding photographer Lucky captured the feel of the day perfectly.”


“It was very important to us to design an ceremony and celebration that incorporated only aspects of wedding tradition that were meaningful to us”, she continued. “The ceremony was incredibly emotional and the words we each wrote for each other had everyone in tears. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the absolute fun every one had which ended up in impromptu circle dancing.”


“We were both very anti-wedding machine and did our best to keep the preparation as stress-free as possible by only picking and choosing  the things that were important to us and involving the talents of family and friends.  We wanted a party festival atmosphere and were able to achieve that with a little help from a gorgeous venue, talented friends and vendors and a fire twirler!”


“We were also very lucky to have musical friends and family. My brother and one of our closest friends sang me down the aisle and for our first dance and my sister in law sang during signing of the register.”


What a beauty! This wedding is gorgeous, but do you know what I’m most in love with? The raw emotion that emulates out of these images. What a photographer! Thank you to Ben & Serina, and of course wedding photographer Lakshal Perera, for sharing their relaxed and fun-filled wedding with us today.

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  1. This is a wedding I would have LOVED to be a guest at – everyone looks like they’re having so much fun!!! :D

    Congratulations to the gorgeous couple, Ben & Serina and well done to Lakshal for capturing the images beautifully!

    Jessica – Soirée de Luxe xx

  2. So beautifully emotive. Having the things that were truly important to them and having such involvement from family and friends makes such a difference at a wedding.

    Love the way it was captured by Lakshal Perera, what an amazing guy!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Stunning couple, location and photography. You know the emotion has been truly captured when you want to cry at a total strangers wedding photos. And then the groom waited with their dog, oh my days, that’s a killer.


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