Butterfly Wedding in Lithuania: Irma & Gediminas

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If I’m completely honest, butterfly themed wedding ‘stuff’ has been getting a bad rep for years. I’m thinking putrid paper escort card cut-outs that you hang on your wine glass (why?!), table confetti and budget wedding invitations in an assortment of sickly sweet colours… But Irma & Gediminas’ butterfly themed wedding is nothing like any of that. In fact they took butterfly overload and make it damn cool again. For starters, Irma’s dress by Agne Kuzmickaite is astoundingly beautiful. She even had a short version made for dancing late into the night and a cute matching outfit for her daughter.

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The Lithuanian couple were married at Lithuanian Martyrs Church in Berciunai country. The reception was held at Bistrampolis Manor. “We had a civil marriage a couple years ago so we’ve technically been married for a while”, writes the bride, “but being party people we decided to arrange a big celebration for our relatives and friends. The whole wedding theme was based around my dress. When we began planning this party, I saw my dress on TV and knew I had to have it. It was an impulse buy, but became the whole focus of the entire theme, which we called ‘crazy dark butterflies’.”

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Butterflies were present throughout the reception decor, from the printed goods, to the cake and adorning the dessert table. “We also tried to bring some autumn to the wedding. We had pumpkins and tea lights and we gave marinated chanterelles (mushrooms) as favours. We also served biscuit mushrooms, a traditional Lithuanian desert. We placed some of the deserts in small glass jars and had a special signature cocktail and various shots to get our guests into the party spirit!”

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So gorgeous.What do you guys think of butterfly themed weddings? Are they a bit old fashioned? I think this wedding proves that they’re due for a (non-tacky) resurgence! Still dying over Irma’s dresses…

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Thank you to Irma & Gediminas for sharing their wedding with us today.

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  1. This has to be the best butterfly wedding ever..to see off all other butterfly details! I love the brides dress and the matching little butterfly flower girls – adorable.

  2. It was a pleasure to make Irma and Gediminas wedding amazing mude last forever in pictures. I am happy to be their photographer. Wish them happy butterflies all their life !!! And thank you for sharing them with others.

  3. Our wedding will be butterflies and penguins (the flightless birds and the books.) Butterflies mean a lot to me, and Sarge is the same with penguins. And books are just our thing.

    No butterflies on my dress, though. My shoes/Docs, I hope, but not my dress!


  4. What a unique, quirky wedding and quite beautiful too. I love seeing events that so clearly reflect the style of the bride and groom!

    @Lorna, i’d love to hear your penguin ideas lol, me and my fiance also have a thing about them :)

  5. @Jessica, Our invitations are fashioned after penguin books, and half the cake will be penguins with a penguin topper. I might have penguins on one boot and butterflies on the other, And we might have bookish favours!

  6. Love the difference of this wedding. Every brides special day should be want they want. The flower girl is adorable and I love the flowers and personal touches.

  7. I adore that dress. Really, it’s something different and I think every couple should have the wedding like their own. It’s a shame that so many couples just do what everybody else does on their wedding :/


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