The Inspirations: Do Not Work for Free…

By Ben Crick

Personally, and particularly in the wedding industry, I think there are times when ‘working for free’ is worthwhile. Mainly when it comes to collaborations with other suppliers for mutual gain or publicity (styled shoots etc), when it comes to building your portfolio (everyone has to start from somewhere) or when it comes to networking and building industry connections and allies. However I don’t believe in discounting for customers or clients who just want to try their luck. I am a strong believer in thinking “what’s in this for me?” if there is no money exchanging hands. That may make me sound hard-nosed and selfish but if I said yes to every project I’d have no money to eat (and erm… shop!) and no time for any paid work.

What are your thoughts? To you, when is working for free OK and when is it not? Have you ever had a client ask for a discount or a freebie because it would be ‘good publicity’ for you? How did it work out?


  1. Jonny Draper

    Short and to the point there Kat – and not much to argue with! Agreed – collaborations, shoots, etc. are great. Discounts or freebies for clients – not so much!

  2. Oh my, I have written a huge blog post about photoshoots and the like about this subject, I think I will have to post it in order to make my point, but I totally agree. It’s bad for