The Inspirations: Fur Coat No Knickers

Photography Credit: Joanna Brown Photography

Yesterday Gareth told me that I use too! many! exclamation! marks! He said it’s like laughing at your own jokes (well… hell, I think I’m a hoot!) So he’s probably not going to enjoy reading this intro because a gazillion exclamation marks are definitely required to convey to you just how much I love the girls I’m interviewing today (!!!!!!!)

Laura & Emma run the amazing Fur Coat No Knickers, a vintage wedding dress shop in the heart of London. But this isn’t any old vintage shop, oh no, the girls pride themselves in their attention to detail and attentiveness to all their brides. They’re well known for how they ‘pimp’ each of their gowns to make it perfect for the individual girl. Whether it’s shortening, nipping, tucking, letting in, letting out or it’s adding petticoats, giant bows, straps or applique details… no detail is left out when making sure each and every one of their brides leaves with the wedding dress of their dreams.

I could wax lyrical all day long about how wonderful these two women are. They really care about each and every girl they work with, which is why I feature so many of their brides on my blog – because wearing one of their dresses makes brides automatically awesome, happy and gorgeous!

Their Kingley Court shop is my absolute favoruite place in London. If I’m ever in the area I’ll pop in and say hi… and not just because they always offer me bubbly and I get to swoon over all the latest vintage frocks! These girls are wonderful, wonderful people. They’re always there for me when I have a ‘omg I’ve fallen in love with this vintage dress but it’s too small!’ crisis, and they’re always the first to make me feel beautiful when I need it, “We think this dress is perfect for you. Yes, you have to try it on!” A well fitting glamorous vintage dress will do that to a person!

I only wish I’d known about them before I got married!

Hi ladies! So who are you then?

We are Fur Coat No Knickers and the two of us (Emma and Laura) opened our shop, in Central London, in 2008. We now have two lovely assistants who help us in our shop and can sew beautifully. We also work with a few lovely ladies from our theatre background who can tackle any kind of alteration or customisation that we dream up in our fittings. More to the point they really care about their work as much as we do. We both trained and worked in theatrical costume design, and first met on The Lion King. We just loved working together, both bringing different skills to our job and creating real teamwork. So that was that, we did more and more shows together, working long, long hours but most of all making it fun.

What was it that made you want to open a vintage wedding dress shop?

Originally we stocked a lot more vintage accessories for theatre and film, as well as a wardrobe full of beautiful vintage wedding dresses.

Fairly early on, we realised our customers liked the way we got involved with the fit and creative ideas and the styling of our brides. So the bridal part just grew and grew, leading to more and more wedding dresses and accessories.