How to Advertise with Wedding Blogs Successfully

I’m often asked by advertisers what they can do to improve the results for their sponsorship and often its the same mistakes people make over and over. These are not hard and fast rules by any stretch, but here are a few tips and ideas I’ve picked up over the past few years…

Find the right fit

It’s vital that you pick the right wedding blog(s) to advertise on. You need to pick ones that promote the style of wedding that you want to work with as well as ones that reflects your own business ethos. Whether you choose to focus your advertising on one single blog or spread yourself over a few is of course up to you, however it is always vital to make sure the blogs you select can offer you the kind of potential clients you want. If you’re out of sync with what the readers of that blog are looking for you’ll be wasting everyone’s time! It goes both ways too as wedding bloggers want to make sure they are offering their readers relevant links and content for finding their wedding suppliers. For example, if your work was very traditional and your website reflected that, it would be pretty pointless advertising on Rock n Roll Bride because my readers would be instantly put off when they landed on your site. Luckily there are so many wedding blogs around these days that you’d be hard pushed to not find one you identify with.

It does seems to me that some businesses expect that they can whack an advert on a highly trafficked blog and that enquiries will just start rolling in. Sorry but it’s a little bit more complicated than that! Be targeted with your advertising and you’ll reap the rewards. After all you only need to book a certain number of clients a year, you don’t have to be all things to all people.

Tailor your site

One of the most common reasons people give me for not renewing an advert is that they received traffic but no enquiries or bookings. As well as picking the right blog to advertise on, you need to ensure that your site and work fits in with the kind of thing the blog readers would be looking for. Some of my advertisers even have their ad link to a specific page set up saying things like ‘Welcome Rock n Roll Brides’which I think this is a nice touch. They can then add things to that welcome page that my readers are most likely to enjoy.

Make sure the price is right

There is no standard pricing structure across all wedding blogs, we all determine our own prices by what we judge our blog real estate to be worth. Generally the more traffic a blog receives the more expensive the adverts. However it’s not all about being the biggest. As we’ve already determined, a small targeted audience can be much more beneficial than a huge one that doesn’t necessarily identify with what you do. A newer blog might attract a very specific niche of readers, and one that you’d like to be booking. Don’t be afraid to get media packs from a selection of wedding bloggers and compare prices/stats/readership to make sure you can determine which is the right choice for you.

Set your own goals

Before you start to advertise you should set yourself targets or goals in order to determine what you would like to get out of your investment. It sounds simple and obvious but only then will you be able to look at the results objectively and decide if the advertising is working for you.

Maybe you want to book one new client a month, get 5 enquiries or simply build a relationship with the blogger? Write these down and refer back to them when it comes to deciding whether to renew.

Banner ads or sponsored posts?

Most wedding blogs offer a selection of banner ads (priced according to location and size) as well as sponsored posts. These articles are usually written by the blogger from information you provide them about your business. Both options will send traffic to your site but potentially in different ways. When I look at the number of clicks my banner ads get vs the sponsored posts they are not miles apart, however the traffic sent through a banner ad is usua