A Laid Back, New Age, Irish Wedding: Britta & Oscar

When I grow up I want to be as cool as Britta & Oscar please. They not only  got married at their own home in Dunmanway, Ireland but they put the whole wedding together themselves including building their own marquee!

“We built the structure with ash poles and tied tarpaulin to the poles with zip ties and lots of rope,” Britta explained.” It would not have been possible without the help of our friends especially Will Dukes who pretty much did most of the hard work as Oscar had broken his leg a few weeks before the wedding…. convenient you might say!”

“Oscar wove some willow ‘chandeliers’ which we wrapped in fairy lights and hung to the structure,” she continued. “We were hoping to sew our own bunting but then we found some beautiful bunting at a stall in Waterford which were made from recycled saris. They were perfect. ”

“The food was made by us and our wonderful friends and family. Oscar’s Father gave us a present of a wild boar to cook for the wedding as we planed to have a pig on the spit. The pig was far to big for it to be done on the spit so our best man cooked it on the barbecue instead.”

The most important thing to the couple was that their wedding was fun for their guests and that there was no pressure to conform just because it was a wedding. “Our inspiration came from many different sources. We were engaged for 2 years so had alot of time to search for ideas,” Britta said.

“We mostly just gathered bits and bobs together as we found things from shops and stalls, there was no real theme or color scheme we just wanted to have lots of colour and be surrounded by what we found beautiful. As we started to plan the wedding we found ourselves saying oh we MUST do this and we MUST do that until we asked ourselves why…why did we have to do all those things? There are so many rules one must follow when getting married and we decided to break them all.”

The bride wore a Novia d’Art dress which she bought from Oxfam Bridal, and her groom donned a Social Suicide jacket and a shirt from Brown Thomas. “Our theme was just to have a relaxing, comfortable, non formal day. We had no colour scheme for our bridesmaids or groomsmen, nor did we have a dress code for our guests. Our number one priority was for everybody to feel comfortable and enjoy the day!”

Thank you so much to Britta & Oscar and their photographer Aga at White Tea for sharing their amazing photographs and story with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: White Tea
Venue: At home
Bride’s Dress: Novia d’Art  from Oxfam Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Amity
Bride’s Headpiece: Flower from Hanna Heubach
Bride’s Jewellery: Made by the bride’s 12 year old daughter
Groom’s Outfit: Social Suicide & Brown Thomas
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Monsoon
Bridesmaid’s Accessories: Monsoon
Cake: DIY
Flowers: Hanna Heubach
Hair & Make Up: Rosa-O
Band: Traditional music played by Robin Lewando, Sue Dukes and Turlough
DJ: Jimi Schular, Mike Hall and Tomas Faller
Styling and Props: Pearl & Godiva


  1. Thanks a lot Kat for featuring this super funky wedding. Britta & Oscar certainly made Ireland rock’n’roll!

  2. Thanks a million for featuring Britta & Oscar’s wedding! We were delighted to be part of their big day both as a stylist and guest :) They were sooo Lucky with the weather – the day before it poured and poured. Pearl x

  3. Kate

    Love this, makes me proud to be Irish :) Everything is all soft and pretty and lovely! And I love that dress

  4. mags

    stunning but i wouldn’t of ever expected anything different from these guys they have always done things in style

  5. Stephanie Dunton

    I think your wedding looked absolutely fab more more people should do it like this just shows what true love is stunning

  6. Carole

    I’ve told you both before that you looked amazing but you looked stunning Britta & Oscar, you looked fantastic.
    I am trying to get Nat to use a few of your brill ideas for her day x x

  7. Britta Faller

    Thank you Rock n Roll bride for featuring our wedding, both Oscar and I feel really honored. And thank you also to everybody for your lovely comments, we are blown away by the reaction from everybody!! It was such a special day for us, not just because it was our wedding day but also because of all the help we got from our friends and family. We are delighted to be able to share the day with you all. xx


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