How to…Get the Best out of Rock n Roll Bride

Credit: via make yeah!

OK so I love you guys. I’ve been reading all of your responses to my readers survey (nearly 1000 of them!!) and now my poor web/IT guru husband & I have got a lot of work to do to implement some of your fabulous ideas! However I wanted to take the time to write this little User Guide style post to try and make your Rock n Roll Bride experience even better in the interim.

A few little niggles about the site came up over and over again and while some of them are major overhaul kind of things (and a lot of them were actually things I had been wanting to change anyway) there were a few points raise about the usability of the site which may be rectified with a bit of clarification. As a total blog-obsessive myself I think it’s easy for me to forget that coming to my site as a new reader might be a bit of a daunting experience in terms of where to start, and how to navigate your way around it in the easiest fashion. Here’s where this post comes in. Get your notebooks at the ready class and I hope this guide is useful!

One of the things that came up over and over again was the Search facility. First of all, I do have a search bar on the site. It is situated just above where it says ‘Link Love’ and ‘About the Girl’. Secondly some of you said they didn’t feel it worked very well.

The search bar I’ve chosen is a Google search. That basically means it searches my site the way Google searches the internet. Therefore if you search for ‘DIY’ for example, the results brought up will be any post which is either tagged as ‘DIY’ or features the word ‘DIY’. The top result will be the most popular or most relevant post to your search based on keywords used. Again, and as with Google, when you click a link it will change the whole page to the link you’ve clicked, so to go back and see more results you do have to type your search term into the box again. However to avoid this, simply ‘right-click’/’open in a new tab’ (on a PC, sorry I don’t know the Mac equivalent) to keep the search intact.

♥ Tags
Another thing that came up over and over was Tags – ie how to use them, what they were, if they were relevant. Again, I try to tag each post in the most concise way possible so that if you search for, say, “pink flowers” any results will bring up all things “pink” and all “flowers”. Of course the results will not always be perfect for what you’re looking for but with this current system that can’t really be avoided.

Note: When you go into a post, at the bottom you will see a list of everything that post is tagged with – if you click one of these tags, it will bring up all other posts with the same tag.

Note: I have been working on an idea for ‘favouriting’ posts, it will just take a while to get working is all. That way, like with say Flickr, you’ll be able to click a button to save a particular post to your ‘favourites.’ Therefore when it came to re-finding a particularly awesome wedding/photo shoot it should be a lot easier for you. Would this be something you’d use?

Note: while we’re on the subject, do you know what those cute little buttons at the bottom of each post are for? They enable you to quickly and easily share links to the post on various social networking sites – ie Blogger,, Digg, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter. Give them a go! 

Main site Navigation/Topics
Something else that was brought up a lot was the functionality of the main site navigation at the top of the sit