Save The Date? Nah…Save The Dress!

OK so you are going to love this. 

We didn’t send out Save the Date’s when we got hitched…it was just another unnecessary job to us, but hell, if we’d known this amazing Save the Date idea was a possibility the outcome might have been slightly different! Wouldn’t this also be a fabulous idea for your invitations or thank you’s? Not only is sending everyone videos instead of a generic card a lot more fun, inventive and..well..rock n roll, but this particular Save the Date laughs in the face of the usual ‘oooh look at us so in love, look at us holding hands’ blegh – it’s all about the Bride to be and her dress! Not to mention the fact that the shoot makes her look like an actual rock star…I just LOVE it!

Sharrone, you guys rocked this! Thanks so much for the share

Sivanne & Omer…Save The Date By Sharrone Calafiore
View in HD  Download 720p HD Version  Visit Sharrone Calafiore’s ExposureRoom Videos Page

 Credit: Foire Films

Also featured on Style Me Pretty


  1. We LOVE Sharrone’s work! Sivanne & Omar’s Save the Date is great … and their Engagement “Hot Shot” is even better!! Way to go, Sharrone!

  2. Sharrone’s films are incredibly fresh and full of life and passion! She is a huge inspiration to me and I always look forward to seeing more of her work.

  3. Michelle

    Sharrone is an *original*—so pleased to see her getting the attention she so richly deserves. Loved watching this one again!!


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