Hot Shot!

Bored of engagement shoots or just not a fan..? Well why not have a Hot Shot!? The concept by Fiore Films blows the boring engagement shoot out of the water (not that I’d ever share any boring engagement shoots here!)

Sivanne & Omer flew in for their engagement session which they will be viewing on a big screen behind their first dance on there wedding day.
That’s the adorable idea Sivanne came up with!
In the clip they will be viewing, we strategically placed  Omer twirling Sivanne under his arm… he will be twirling her simultaneously on the actual dance floor.
Ehhh-Hem…I’ll take the credit for that adorable idea!
Here are just some of our favorite moments from Sivanne & Omer’s “Hot Shot” Enjoy!
Credit: Fiore Films

ps I will be posting  couple’s amazing and original save the date idea later today…it’s defiantly an idea worth stealing!



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